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Calling All Visionaries! This is a weekly show created by Kelsey Reidl: Nutritionist, Content Creator, Freelancer and Online Entrepreneur. After being let-go from multiple dream jobs in her 20's she decided to pave her own visionary path.


  • 332 Time Management Tips, Deep Questions, and Working Mama Musings (Solo)

    04/06/2024 Duração: 37min

    In this solo show, I am chatting about:The importance of Building a Strong Community and Prioritizing JoyTuning into your priorities.Time Management Strategies and Identifying tasks to do more of, eliminate, or delegate + Prioritizing activities that bring joy.Toronto Recap! Nerves and preparation for the live training session, challenges of balancing work and prepping for the training, and a serendipitous momentMy honest reflections on the evolution in the podcast and the importance of staying authentic (especially for me right now, while navigating a new season of life with a young baby)The most impactful question from a mastermind call I was on (it's a reminder of the importance of having a tight-knit community in geographical proximity)Quote from the show:The Joy of Evolving a Podcast: "But it is so joyful for me to continue to evolve this podcast and to realize that my evolution may not be for everyone, but that's the only way that at this stage in life, I can show up, be authentic, to obviously continue

  • 331 She Turned Celiac Disease & Being Sober-Curious Into A Business (The Story Of JÜJ Digestive Bitters )

    28/05/2024 Duração: 57min

    In today's episode, I sit down with Functional Gut Health Dietitian, Breathwork Teacher and Founder of JUJ Bitters Meg Gerber.JUJ was a product born out of Meg's journey with celiac disease and passion for next-level wellness. Meg is an absolutle powerhouse as a Dietitian and as an Entrepreneur. Her vision is so strong and she truly practices what she preaches.Meg is a wealth of knowledge and in this episode she shares the personal and professional milestones that led to the creation of Juj Bitters, a unique product aimed at supporting digestive health and offering a refreshing twist to mocktails. Meg is also a Cookbook Author, a retreat-facilitator and the founder of The Nourished Membership.Topics covered in this episode of Visionary Life with Meg Gerber include:Introduction to Meg Gerber and JUJ BittersHer story of being diagnosed with celiac disease and how that led her to the idea of starting a Digestive Health CompanyBenefits of using bitters for digestive health and in crafting delicious mocktailsThe e

  • 330 Mike Tyson's Mindset, Detoxing from Social Media, and Dreaming of my Deceased Mama (Solo Show)

    16/05/2024 Duração: 33min

    We're back with another SOLO episode this week.I'm diving into some life-changing insights and personal reflections after eight days off Instagram (teaser - I found a LOT of clarity and focus!).I also recap a crazy dream bout my late mother, and thinking about how to maintain spiritual connections. As well as the fascinating transition of our thirties, finding balance outside of work, the podcast I listened to about the mindset of Mike Tyson and MORE!It goes ALL over the place, so let's dive in!-03:18 Is audio vlogging a thing?09:03 My decision to get off Instagram for 2 weeks14:36 Dreaming of my deceased mom and wondering how to maintain connection to dead people17:48 Something unique about our 30's and how they bring self-awareness, confidence, and career clarity.23:37 Finding joy and community through my biking adventures.26:51 Embrace a winning mindset like Mike Tyson (I loved his podcast with grant Cardone)-Topics: Instagram break, social media impact, perspective change, capturing moments, spiritual con

  • 329 Life Update, My 90 Year Old Friend Clarence, IRL Meetups are THE BEST (Solo Show)

    07/05/2024 Duração: 32min

    Welcome back to another SOLO episode of Visionary Life!Today, I am bringing you an unscripted update straight from the heart.I talk about:A personal update on the ongoing adventure in motherhood while running a business, and trying to fit it all in (and my thoughts on returning to work part-time post-childbirth and managing work-life balance)Conversations with a 90-year-old man named Clarence and the life lessons derived.Recap of a recent IRL meetup that I hosted with 12 small business ownersThe mom brain moment that I had in the grocery storeAnd other reflections in my life’s current joys and challenges.& MOREConnect With Kelsey | lonely as a Female Entrepreneur? Check out The Mastermind | overwhelmed with your Marketing & Online Lead Generation? Learn about Marketing Coaching | on Page # 1 of Google with Everyday SEO™ | 

  • 328 Melissa Ramos is Unveiling the SECRETS to Online Business Success!

    30/04/2024 Duração: 01h04min

    Melissa Ramos is the powerhouse behind SexyFoodTherapy and the best-selling online program, Sexy Lady Balls. She helps women struggling with autoimmune and hormonal issues feel sexy from the inside out through Nutrition and Chinese Medicine.With appearances on CTV, The Social and gracing the stage at TedX, Melissa is a force and is especially savvy with Social Media and building an Online Business (she's an O.G. in the online space!Join our FREE Lakeside Chat with Melissa Ramos about Growing an Online Community, Staying Creative, Lessons Learned from 10+ years of Business, and Mastering Instagram Marketing from 1-2pm EST on May 15th - Just fill out this form and I'll send the details? this episode, we chat about... Instagram Marketing!  - Melissa's journey from a career in advertising to becoming a nutritionist and entrepreneur.  - The initial struggles and financial challenges in building her brand, Sexy Food Therapy.  - The significance of energy in marketing a

  • 327 Real Talk with My Business Besties

    23/04/2024 Duração: 01h48s

    Today, I'm sitting down with my own Business BFF's Krista and Steph and we are diving deep into the realm of building and scaling a successful business as online entrepreneurs.I always love these conversations where I am a fly on the wall in conversations between various entrepreneurs, so I hope you enjoy this casual chat between the 3 of us.We've all been in this world of Online Business for many years, and love to share with you what works (& what doesn't).We talk about...04:59 Our love of SEO and how it's helped grow our businesses over the years!07:29 The project management tool that Steph uses to stay focused11:01 The importance of finding a software that works for you.15:31 Success requires individual growth and perseverance.17:29 Be open to evolving and pivoting.23:07 Networking, meeting new people key to success.27:37 Connecting with like-minded people is KEY to your growth and consistency.31:20 Gradual hiring process and focus on fit.41:36 Kelsey's revelations in becoming a Mother and running her

  • 326 How-To Guide to Reprogramming Your Life (Breathwork, Mushrooms, Meditation, etc.)

    14/04/2024 Duração: 01h08min

    This week I am re-sharing an episode that I recorded with my friend and visionary entrepreneur, Jason Brown. Jason is someone who thinks outside of the box and challenges his way of being & thinking every single day.He's always challenging his own beliefs and looking at things from different perspectives, he's also not afraid to take risks, and he's always seeking out new opportunities - something he calls ‘Following The Nudges’. This willingness to try new things has led to his success in a variety of ventures. Some of the other awesome things you’re going to learn from Jason in the podcast include:The Benefits of Getting Into Your Body: whether that’s by doing mushrooms, practicing breathwork, doing meditation, or taking long walks -- whatever you need to do to stop suppressing your emotions and feelings so that you can truly connect to what your mind and body are saying is going to be SO advantageous for your personal and professional growth.Using humor to overcome fear and hesitationThe books or resou

  • 325 Stu McLaren Joined Our Mastermind To Talk ALL THINGS MEMBERSHIP!

    03/04/2024 Duração: 28min

    Stu McLaren's Top 5 Lessons for Creating and Growing a Membership.In this episode, Kelsey shares 5 valuable lessons learned from hosting membership expert Stu McLaren inside the WAVE mastermind. She discusses...the power of pricing psychology, delivering content to appeal to multiple learning styles, the importance of not overwhelming people, considering an open and closed cart model for memberships, and the nuances of building a successful membership. Stay tuned to discover how these lessons could help you effectively navigate the world of memberships and recurring revenue!Connect with Stu: With Kelsey | to grow your network as a female entrepreneur? Want to attend trainings like this one with Stu? Check out The WAVE Mastermind |

  • 324 From DAYDREAM to DOING: 5 Reasons to START Your Business!

    30/03/2024 Duração: 37min

    Welcome back, visionaries! You're tuned into another episode of Visionary Life with your host, Kelsey Reidl. Today's podcast is all about uncovering and embracing your potential to launch the business of your dreams. Kelsey is here to light a fire under all the aspiring entrepreneurs, sharing wisdom that'll have you moving from daydreaming to doing. We'll start by addressing the all-too-common entrepreneur's roadblock: imposter syndrome, and, spoiler alert—it doesn't go away, but that's no reason to back down. Then, let's talk about why starting SMALL is the way to go and why NOW more than EVER, your business is needed!Connect With Kelsey | lonely as a Female Entrepreneur? Check out The Mastermind | overwhelmed with your Marketing & Online Lead Generation? Learn about Marketing Coaching | on Page # 1 of Google with Everyday SEO™ | Vis

  • 323 Solo Episode: Taste Of My Own Medicine, Choosing Where To Live & Other Random Musings!

    17/03/2024 Duração: 42min

    In this solo episode, I'm chatting about...The art of honest self-auditingThe TV show I am watching that highlights the importance of a growth mindsetHow the entrepreneurial journey is similar to the highs and lows of professional golfersAn update on WAVE: The Mastermind (a group for female business owners that I launched with a professional Mindset Coach, Emily)Hiring a coach to help me in rebuilding my pelvic floor post-pregnancyThe importance of questioning our current situationHow falling off our goals is a part of the journey, and how critical it is to recommit when that happens (& seek accountability and support, when needed)Enjoy!Connect With Kelsey | lonely as a Female Entrepreneur? Check out The Mastermind | overwhelmed with your Marketing & Online Lead Generation? Learn about Marketing Coaching | on Page # 1 of Google with Everyday SEO™ |https://kelseyre

  • 322 Revealing my entire BIRTH STORY! #VisionaryMama

    04/03/2024 Duração: 01h47min

    Freddie’s birth was perfect in my eyes. It was the best day of our lives.But the truth is, it did NOT go as plannedMy home birth turned into a 9-1-1 emergency phone call at 11:15PM on Christmas EveI ‘transitioned’ in the ambulance and had to hold off from pushing, as the paramedic drove top speed to the hospitalMy worry in sharing the 90 minute audio file is simply out of fear of judgement of our birth decisions,My intention in sharing it is to show others that even if things don’t go ‘according to plan’ it’s probably the Universe conspiring in your favour. And that your intuition is probably right… always. So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!I’ve had many people ask if I was upset that my ‘plan’ got derailed— and I shared my honest thoughts on this in the podcast episode.05:35 I was SHOCKED when I went into labour on Christmas Eve and has a Christmas Day Baby! (The least common birthday!)11:19 Sharing openly about our conception journey, pregnancy loss, and feelings about entering parenthood.22:38 How I r

  • 321 How to align yourself with opportunities & increase your chances of success!

    01/03/2024 Duração: 20min

    In this quick episode, Kelsey delves into some random musings from her week including;- the transformative power of a simple morning walk routine that inspired a tonne of creativity - the concept of 'luck' (aka the way I have learned to be more OPEN to luck, and to make good fortune more predictable). This is a simple + practical tip that can help you align yourself with opportunities and increase your chances of success - Lastly, I'm excited to share some updates about my much-anticipated birth story. Stay tuned for details on when and how you can access!Connect With Kelsey | lonely as a Female Entrepreneur? Check out The Mastermind | overwhelmed with your Marketing & Online Lead Generation? Learn about Marketing Coaching | on Page # 1 of Google with Everyday SEO™ | Visionary Mama: Fresh Content About Pregnancy, Fertility & Ent

  • 320 Hidden THREATS! 3 Ways You're HALTING Your Business Growth

    07/02/2024 Duração: 33min

    In this episode, Kelsey delves into the topic of self-sabotage in business.She highlights 3 common ways entrepreneurs may unknowingly hold themselves back and provides actionable advice on overcoming these challenges.Tune in to uncover valuable strategies for breaking free from self-sabotaging patterns and unlocking your full business potential.Episode quote: Overcoming Self-Sabotage: "She was stuck in a cycle of preparation and brainstorming and writing down ideas, but there was no action or result from it."— Kelsey [00:25:19 → 00:25:30]00:00 Recognizing and addressing self-sabotage in business.03:43 Identifying self-sabotage in business and overcoming it.09:37 Believe 110% in your product for success.12:39 Belief in product crucial for business success.14:12 Avoid constant launches; focus on improvement.19:15 Entrepreneurs need support and guidance for success.20:50 Investing in masterminds for business growth.25:19 Overcame self-sabotage, launched successful program, offered helpConnect With Kelsey |https:

  • 319 From Diapers to Podcasting - My Life as a New Mama in Season 13!

    23/01/2024 Duração: 41min

    Welcome back to Visionary Life! I'm your host, Kelsey, and it's our first episode of Season 13. This year is a special one for me—not only have we just wrapped up an incredible 2023, but it's also the start of a profoundly personal new chapter. My husband and I welcomed baby Frederick into the world on Christmas day!In this episode, we're recapping some of the professional growth I had in 2023 and also chatting about personal insights around creating my "vivid vision / painted picture", my word of the year and early musings from navigating the entrepreneur life as a working mama!Join our event in Puslinch, Ontario on April 19th 2024. It is a free event for established female business owners. It's a day to connect, share, and support each other in our business journeys. DM me on Instagram for a ticket!Brian Scudamore Article: How I Daydreamed My Way To A $200M Business: With Kelsey |https://www.kelseyreidl

  • 318 Visionary Mama Series - Ask Me ANYTHING About Pregnancy, Fertility, Birth, Mat Leave, etc

    22/12/2023 Duração: 32min

    Hey Visionaries - it's time for another instalment of the Visionary Mama Series!In today's solo episode, I am doing a fun (& impromptu) Ask Me Anything Episode!From unusual pregnancy symptoms to maintaining an active lifestyle, and even pondering motherhood's impact on my ambition—we're getting personal.Discover how I'm handling maternity leave while ensuring my business thrives, and join me in celebrating the big and small moments pre-baby arrival.Connect With Kelsey | The Mastermind | for 1:1 Coaching | ASAP in Everyday SEO™ | Visionary Mama: Fresh Content About Pregnancy, Fertility & Entering Motherhood |  

  • 317 Marketing Trends for 2024: What You Need To Know Now To Stay Ahead Of The Curve!

    05/12/2023 Duração: 38min

    Marketing is vital to the success of any business, because it's how you connect, communicate and ensure that customers feel comfortable spending their hard earned money with you. In this episode, Kelsey makes her Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2024!Including:1. The Importance of Adapting to Social Media Trends- The evolution of social media into publishing platforms- How algorithms favor in platform content creation- Example of using Instagram for broadcasts instead of redirecting viewers elsewhere2. The Need for Genuine Social Interaction on Social Media Platforms- The shift from social media as simply a marketing tool to a platform for genuine interactions- The unpredictability and constant changes in social media algorithms- The emphasis on generating good, engaging content over gaming the system3. The Significance of the Founders Health in Marketing Your Business- The increasing popularity of topics like biohacking and morning routines4. Importance of Clear Positioning and Effective Communication-

  • 316 How Justin Bieber Changed My Life and Led Me To Start A Business

    28/11/2023 Duração: 01h06min

    This week I am sitting down with Brandon Fong, and I am being interviewed on his podcast called Beyond Curious!This conversation comes full circle from last week (I interviewed Brandon on Episode #315 of Visionary Life) and today I reveal the story behind my Justin Bieber "visionary" moment and its subsequent impact on my life's path. I also take you along the journey from working my dream job for one of Canada's Top health food companies (Vega) in my 20's to the harsh news of being let go from this job and forging my own path!Brandon and I discuss:My passion for conducting experiments (especially as it relates to Marketing)The importance of personal energy tracking in order to boost performance and to operate as a high level entrepreneurThe story about my last mountain biking race and how I surprised myselfThe power of constraints in my personal life and in making business decisions.Time Stamps:02:22 Justin Bieber's influence16:09 The origin story of my business!27:30 Finding magic in life's constraints34:46

  • 315 Meet the Entrepreneur Who Gets Paid to Ask Questions (The Career of Curiosity)

    21/11/2023 Duração: 59min

    Brandon Fong: Where do I even begin with this incredible human!?He has the biggest heart, a true gift for connecting people together and creating meaningful gatherings, and a curious explorer of life.I met Brandon inside of a virtual mastermind, but a year later I flew to Park City Utah to meet him in person at a retreat he created for visionary entrepreneurs.I genuinely enjoy my conversations with Brandon, whether they’re recorded or not, and today I get to share one of them with you.We're talking about…How he got into entrepreneurship, His start in the restaurant industry and in network marketing,And how he found his purpose for creating a more deeply connected worldThe Ikea Effect & MORE!And what's really fun too is that I also recorded an episode for Brandon's podcast, the Beyond Curious Podcast, where Brandon is on a mission each week to create a more deeply connected world by catalyzing curiosity. He has high energy and the largest heart, and honestly I don’t know why you WOULDN’T want to have someo

  • 314 She Left Her Job To Follow In The Footsteps of The AirBNB Founders - Here's What Happened!

    14/11/2023 Duração: 01h01min

    Welcome back to another episode of Visionary Life! I'm your host, Kelsey, and today we have a very special guest joining us, Maxine Cunningham. In this episode, Maxine generously allows us to pick her brain (she's the founder of Pick My Brain - see what I did ther?) as she shares her inspiring journey of personal and professional growth. Max opens up about...Her experience starting her career as an Investment Banker, becoming an Economist and eventually quitting to become an Entrepreneur (even though she had no idea how that would look!)She highlights the importance of relationships and the value of self-development and creating a Year On (aka Year Off) where you build your OWN curriculum!She challenges listeners to evaluate the true worth of their time, both in terms of how they spend it working and how they spend it on personal growth. She emphasizes the need to break away from careers that are not aligned with our values. Maxine also shares all about her business baby which is valued at 15 MILLION DOLLARS!

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