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The stories and experiences of flourishing Black millennials conquering the challenges of adult-ing. Bringing those "offline" private conversations to the forefront! Enjoy the ride!IG: @offline_podcastEmail: [email protected]


  • Episode 6: Timing

    01/08/2018 Duração: 51min

    The ladies of Offline Podcast play the spontaneous Game On and engage in reflective talk, around wine, life and simply being unfuckwithable. Enjoy the Ride! Email: [email protected] Instagram: Offline_Podcast Like, Subscribe, Tell a Friend to Tell a Friend!

  • Episode 5: Game On

    18/06/2018 Duração: 01h31min

    Happy Fathers Day to all the trailblazing, loving and hardworking fathers! Ladies of the Offline Podcast share updates on their lives, the importance of a father figure in a child's life, the true meaning of living a purposeful life & they introduce a new and exciting segment in Episode 5! Enjoy the Ride! Questions, Comments, Suggestions? Email: [email protected] Instagram: Offline_Podcast Twitter: Offline_Podcast Like, Subscribe, Rate & Comment =) This Episode is Dedicated to Britt9ny's PopPop, May he Rest in Peace.