It's A Functional Life With Amanda Rigby

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Funct-ion-al: of or having a special activity, task, or purpose. Find out what it means to live a functional lifestyle with Amanda Rigby RD, LDN, the self proclaimed "Functional RD". Discuss the latest science, debunk the nutrition myth of the day, and learn how to balance a healthy lifestyle with realistic, relatable tips and tricks all while enjoying every minute. No guilt, no gimmicks, just living your best life.


  • 007: Creating Fitness Habits with Ryan Frost

    12/03/2018 Duração: 56min

    On today’s episode, an old high school friend joins me to share his newest creation- Ryan Frost is a Massachusetts Maritime graduate who spent his college years working on big ships, on which he built upon his passion for fitness and athleticism. Having always had a passion to teach, lead, and be an entrepreneur, Ryan’s passion resides in helping people stay in shape anywhere with whatever equipment (or lack thereof). He has made it his mission to provide people with free health and fitness content through this online platform. provides free information on fitness, workout programs, and nutrition along with corresponding videos to follow along with at home. Ryan and FitnessHabits hope to serve high schools, colleges, and the every day person in an effort to get in shape and make fitness a habit. On our episode, we talk about creating habits related to fitness without adding another thing to our days, why people have a hard time creating habits and sticking to them, becomin

  • 006: Weighing in on Diets and Food Talk with Zoe Farricker, RD

    26/02/2018 Duração: 48min

     Today’s episode follows my Open Letter to the Weight Watchers’ Teen Program released over the last few weeks. Dietitians around the world were outraged at the marketing towards what we consider a vulnerable population. Please note: this is not an attack on the Weight Watchers program. We acknowledge that we may not know all of what the program entails but are simply stating our beliefs and messages on health for the family dynamic.   On today’s episode, I have fellow Registered Dietitian, Zoe Farricker, who has personal experience with dieting at a very young age and a strong message for both teens and parents who may be concerned with their weight. In our discussion, we get a little fired up about the targeting of teens for such a program but also consider ways we can go about creating a picture of health for teens and families without the focus on the number on the scale. It’s a heavy question and we are definitely searching for the right answers, but we are sure having a child sit through meetings and lea

  • 005: Start in The Gut

    09/02/2018 Duração: 21min

    Today, we talk about one of my favorite topics- the gut! You may be hearing a lot about this subject as it becomes more and more known and studied- and for a good reason. We can literally influence our health and emotions with the foods we feed our gut. We’ll get into that.   On this podcast, I’ll share with you: -my favorite mind blowing facts about the gut -foods and approaches we can take to support the health of our “gut bugs” -things we can reduce or avoid in order to best provide a healthy “garden” for the gut bugs to flourish -things you can start to add or take away from your lifestyle TODAY so get you feeling your best   Show Notes: Your gut garden- 1:30 Gut facts- 101 2:18 We are what we absorb- 4:38 Acne, bloating, depression, oh my!- 6:57 What can you do?- 7:30 The 4 R Approach- 8:05 Check in with yourself- 16:00   As always, be sure you’re keeping up with me and HealThy Self Nutrition on social media to get all the latest info! Instagram: @amandarigbyRD Facebook: HealThy Self Nutrition, Inc.

  • 004: The Emergence and Importance of a Health Coach with Hannah Campbell

    29/01/2018 Duração: 43min

    Today, I talk with Holistic Health Coach, Hannah Campbell, owner of Whole Food Whole You.    Hannah believes in a functional approach to wellness. In her practice, she seeks to uncover and consider the cause of a person’s disease and how it relates to their symptoms and eventually, their treatment plan going forward. Sound familiar?   In today’s podcast, you’ll hear the word “functional” said again and again, as you also may have noticed in the title of this podcast. The word “functional” relates to the way in which something operates, of or having a special purpose. As Hannah and I divulge into our conversation, you’ll understand more of what exactly is “functional nutrition” or “functional medicine” and what it means to take a “functional approach to wellness”.   You’ll also hear the type of person Hannah believes would benefit from a health coach and who her ideal client is to work with. I also pull some tips from her to share with you guys that can get you feeling better tomorrow if you implement them. St

  • Checkup 003: Nate Witkowski

    10/01/2018 Duração: 35min

    In this episode, Nate Witkowski, creator of The Warrior Lifestyle, joins me to talk all things next level, making an impact, and venturing out on your own. As a former college athlete, Nate shares his lessons on hard work and outworking the rest. His mindset is so powerful and one we could all benefit to learn from. On this episode, Nate gives tips to create a thriving environment to set you up for success for the day, how to earn a second degree with just 10 minutes a day, and beautiful places to travel to outside of the US.  He talks about his decision to leave corporate America behind and what is to come with his entrepreneurial journey. Be sure to give him a “like” and subscribe to his Youtube channel where he puts out killer, motivating content each week! instagram: @nate_wit24 twitter: @nate_wit24 Youtube: Nate Witkowski Snapchat: natewitkowski   4:00 Who is this guy? 7:50 Keep your day job 10:30 Nate’s daily strategy  14:25 10 pages a day 18:00 Travel and its impact on

  • Checkup 002: What in the world am I doing??

    14/12/2017 Duração: 28min

    What in the world am I doing?? I find myself saying this at least multiple times throughout the week. It is exciting and scary all at the same time. If you've been keeping up with me, listen to today's Checkup to hear about the real life RD process and how the plans have taken a 180. If you haven't, here's an insight into a girl who refuses to settle for mediocre. Keep up if you can!   Show Notes: 3:47 – What its like to be a RD/ process of how to become RD 5:45 – The scariest day of my life 7:58 - Being on the inside of a broken system 9:00 – Second guessing – is this right for me? Now what do I do? 10:49 – Functional medicine – the game changer 12:35 – New me 13:56 – She who politely declines job interviews 15:34 – Fast forward to today – what am I doing? 17:14 – I Inc’d.. 18:55 – I just jumped out of the plane and I am in the middle of the sky…the most petrifying and exhilarating thing I’ve done to date. 20:07 – People are more than their disease. 21:30 – My love/hate relationship with social media. Shout

  • Checkup 001 with Amanda Rigby

    19/07/2017 Duração: 22min

    Welcome to my first official podcast! On today's episode, we talk about where I've been since returning from North Carolina, plans for the future, and the adjustment from #RDtoBe to a [R]eal [D]eal RD ;) This is a quick check up and I look forward to talking about anything you want to hear! Be sure you're following me on social media to stay up to date and get your questions heard!   In health, xo Amanda Twitter: @amandarigby Instagram: @amandarigbyRD     Shownotes:   1:00  Where have I been?   2:40  My Next Steps   4:10 Future Projects?   6:00  My Beliefs as an RD   9:55  The "Health" Documentary and the trouble with the internet   13:15  5 Simple Tips to a Healthy Life     Carefree by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: