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Join hosts Jack Morris, Byron Hansen & Nicholas Kocher for a weekly conversation with somewhat interesting people (but not really).


  • MOCHER Radio Recap – From the Bunker


    We braved rain, snow, sun, sleet, AND hail to get this to you. Blazing hot takes from the presses. See you again soon, thank you for your patronage.

  • Bootleg – Bryan Harter (12/8/2016)


    Never before heard by anyone. The boy Bryan Harter, early freshman year. I only remember that he left to take a dump and didn’t come back.

  • IFOYB Classics – Sutter Keane (10/5/2017)


    IFOYB is officially infected so I thought I’d share an oldie. Probably our funniest ep. to date. Short and sweet. Mr. Sutter Keane. Enjoy!

  • Nikko Avila


    The man–finally on. Also Mo got the virus, lmao.

  • POCHER Radio Recap – Corona Guyrus


    You’re listening to The Bro Show. Pearson and I don’t have the chemistry that is there when Jack is in the room, but we gave it ago. Featuring Pearson Trent host of Two Angry men.

  • Andrew Schaffer


    Me and Schaffer go way back. We probe Vietnam, being a “bad kid”, and having fun! Thanks for listening.

  • MOCHER Radio Recap – Whose Toes are Those?


    This week on MOCHER Radio we teach you how to cook for a family of five and how to spend money as a billionaire. Thanks for listening.

  • Ben Richards & Scott Thielmann


    Two lads in the studio to discuss yachts, having wings but not genitalia, and the sport of rugby. Thanks for listening.

  • Jack McCarthy is Back (+ Pearson)


    A hardball discussion with Pearson Trent of Two Angry Men and later IFOYB recurring guest Jack McCarthy. We hit on outsourcing jobs, the gum spectrum, small business, and innuendo. Thanks for listening.

  • MOCHER Radio Recap – Doubt our Vibe


    We get in the studio to break down our watching and eating. Other topics include fraud in Iowa, scandalous Super Bowl performances, Bezos’ jealousy of the boy Musk, and an unbelievable impression of our favorite Slovenian. Thanks for tuning in.

  • Steam Wrld


    Back when the world was made out of steam, boys could be boys. The gang talks earrings, Chinese food, and oh so much more. Thanks for listening.

  • Jack Sullivan Returns


    Very fun time, back after three years but nothing has changed. The great Jack Sullivan is back in the studio to catch up and talk shop. Thanks for listening.

  • MOCHER Radio Recap – Sons of Zizek


    Your first week in review of the DeCaDe. We talk film, ephebophilia, forest fires, mild conspiracy, and their new ideological father Zizek in an intellectual way. The usual also comes up: Bezos, Musk and family, and ethical scientific concerns. A good time is had by all–here’s to another semester of MOCHER Radio!

  • Week 4 – MOCHER Radio: Smell You Later


    A shorter-than usual MOCHER Radio in which weekend noises, foods, and activities are dicussed. I apologize for unintentional joke theft, ruin my friendship with Jack, and giggle at videos from the internet. Shouts out to you (eh), Nelly, Greta, de Niro, and Bully the Bulldog. This is a relatively fun episode, so enjoy it.   … Continue reading Week 4 – MOCHER Radio: Smell You Later

  • Week 3 – MOCHER Radio: I’m a Loser Gabes-y


    On this weeks MOCHER Radio, my fantasy loss and Russia are points of focus. Bezos’ workers are striking, he has some dirty laundry in common with Musk, Trump shouted us out, and the ethics of washroom flatuence are debated This is a good one, especially if you’re thinking ahead and want a creative promposal idea. … Continue reading Week 3 – MOCHER Radio: I’m a Loser Gabes-y

  • Week 2 – MOCHER Radio: PDM (Public Display of MOCHER)


    After a few weeks break to get stuff in line, the boys are back and ready for another week of MOCHER Radio. The video is part of the reason why this stuff takes so long. For this to become a constant thing, someone will have to donate a more powerful computer. We go over the … Continue reading Week 2 – MOCHER Radio: PDM (Public Display of MOCHER)

  • Week 1 – MOCHER Radio: Jack Why You Lazy?


    Coming off of a strong and powerful summer break, the boys are back and ready for another year of MOCHER Radio. There’s some sentimental recapping, the usual irreverance, and some of the classic bits. We’re ready to spend our last year wasting time with this project that refuses to die. Thanks as always for listening, … Continue reading Week 1 – MOCHER Radio: Jack Why You Lazy?

  • Mr. Mike Manalastas, SJ


    An IFOYB in which there are plenty of firsts, but the typical vibe. We had the priviledge of bringing on our teacher and all around great guy Mr. Manalastas. He teaches religious studies classes to Freshmen and Juniors, helps coach Frosh Basketball, and is a Jesuit in Formation (on the Regency stage, moving onto Theology … Continue reading Mr. Mike Manalastas, SJ

  • Week 11 – MOCHER Radio Recap: Two Jailbirds


    Week 11 of MOCHER Radio, a more freeform than normal edition that (as Jack would like to say, citing Freud) was pure id. We just let it rip, talking about the Trojans (+Trojans), imagine ourselves as infamous criminals, and more. Thanks for listening, as always. At the end, the introduction of our new program “Knowledge … Continue reading Week 11 – MOCHER Radio Recap: Two Jailbirds

  • Jack Steck (Hole In One Hitter)


    On today’s episode, we brought on Jack Steck fresh off of his hole in one shot on the 8th hole of the Olympic Club Lake Course. Naturally, we only talk about this for a bit, and move on to The Kissing Booth, golf style, diet, and nerdy habits. Honestly, Steck cracked us up and the vibe quickly … Continue reading Jack Steck (Hole In One Hitter)

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