Unrecognized Geniuses




  • Hard Rock, Cocoa, and Joe

    20/12/2014 Duração: 02h30min

    I'm not sure what happened in this episode because the asshole writing this was missing for most of it. What I do know is Johnstown has weird Christmas traditions and in Alabamy your lucky if you get your presents. The fellas talk of Russia, some other current events and Christmas..... don't forget Krampus!!! yodi ol ady olady o lay!

  • Broken Hearts

    07/12/2014 Duração: 02h59min

    Guess who is back with a brand new invention.. it's Steve and I was just trying to quote a little Vanilla Ice, Steve doesn't have an invention.. or does he? Curt's heart sent him to the ER. He seems to be ok but further testing is needed. Let's hope it's not gay cancer. This episode wasn't all sad.. can you say "pop goes the genius? Hell yeah pop genius is back! opps I mean It seeeems pop genius is back! plus more shit ... enjoy the show fucko!!!