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This is for you, creative grasshoppers - passionate and creative entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas! This podcast is perfect if you are looking for inspiration and motivation on how to lead an authentic business and be productive without overstructuring your life. Every episode a guest entrepreneur shares their failures and successes in business and the authentic practices that work for them, and gives insights into how they stay productive without sacrificing their curiosity and creativity.


  • Halley Gray on getting booked out 6 months in advance

    09/09/2014 Duração: 47min

    Halley Gray from Evolve and Succeed shares her top strategies for getting booked out, running an authentic business, learning from failure and creating content. What you will learn: the first step to getting booked out that you're probably not taking how refunds can lead to raving fans why being an entrepreneur is the perfect job for a creative grasshopper the trick to being successful without giving up your grasshopper-ness Halley's 3-step scientific strategy for learning from failure what place emotions have in the success of your business how Halley organizes herself to minimize procrastination a typical day in her life Halley's intuitive launch strategy What is your biggest takeaway from this episode? Share your insights at