Ask Lyndon



Lyndon is an extremely wise alien available to answer your queries. The Ask Lyndon podcast celebrates his vast knowledge as well as the music of 3 Blind Mice and other diversions.


  • #5 - A Keychain Of Surprises


    Lyndon answers a question about his keychain, yet another Whole Wheat Radio jingle, I apologize for the delay between shows but explain how to subscribe so that you will get new shows as they are produced (please email me if you have any questions), The Wisdom Of Lyndon, see the cover of the new 3 Blind Mice CD "Good Grief" and while you are there you can pre-order it as well, Lyndon answers a question about the source of his talent, and Lyndon and Alex discuss the story behind their Christmas song "Watchstar" which is available for purchase as a single on the 3 Blind Mice website.

  • #4 - The Contest


    This show starts with a very cute introduction from Nikolai of the Dancing With Elephants podcast, thanks Nicolai and and Greg for sending it along and be sure to check out their podcast. Speaking of podcasts, Lyndon answers questions for the Scarborough Dude of the Dicks & Janes podcast on this show, please listen to his podcast as well, it's a true gem, a one of a kind podcast. We finally reveal the answer for the first contest and draw the winners, The Wisdom Of Lyndon, an update on the new CD (near completion!), and a discussion of the story behind the song "Andy Is Waving Goodbye" from the soon-to-be-released CD "Good Grief" followed by the song.

  • #3 - Dreams


    Lyndon answers a question about the rules of conversation (please listen to The Rules Podcast), an unplayed version of Big Tom's autobiography somehow slips in, another great Whole Wheat Radio jingle, The Wisdom Of Lydon, a Micemas party at The Battersea Barge on the 18th of December, Lyndon answers a question about Filberts, don't forget to enter the contest by October's Friday the 13th, and Alex and Lyndon describe the lyrics of the 3 Blind Mice song "Hellbound Eyes".

  • #1 - History


    Lyndon answers a question on the future, one of many Whole Wheat Radio jingles, an autobiography by Big Tom, the first Ask Lyndon contest, an interview with pioneer Bertrand Coconuts, the Unisong People's Choice Award, the roots of Ask Lyndon, and Alex describes the songwriting process behind "Emily Has Compassion Fatigue".

  • It's coming


    Keep your eyes peeled (ouch!). In the meantime, listen to this track from 3 Blind Mice, "Emily Has Compassion Fatigue", from the Before They Were Famous, Volume 2 CD.