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Rescope Radio is the podcast channel of The Rescope Project, empowering people to regenerate the systems and stories we live by, for life on Earth to flourish. Listen to conversations with experts, executives, artists and leaders of all kinds from around the world, to inform and inspire the personal and big picture changes we need, to become a just, sustainable and flourishing society. You'll hear about leading thinking, initiatives and projects, along with some of the personal stories of those involved - what brought them to the work they do, how their view of the world and what they do has changed, and how they've seen and impacted change in others and the broader systems and stories we live by. Each guest also nominates a piece of music for us to play, to express a little more of where words can't reach. After all, what kind of radio wouldn't have music?Please do subscribe, comment, rate, review and share! We look forward to hearing from you, and to featuring some of your comments in future programs.


  • David Marsh: The Land Does It For You

    15/04/2024 Duração: 01h40min

    Welcome to the bicentennial episode. And who better to mark the occasion than this legend of regenerative agriculture, David Marsh. To visit Allendale Farm is like stepping into an incredible rewilding of country – as a livestock farm! David’s been here for nearly 60 years, the first half of which he ran industrialised cropping and livestock farming, which continued to devastate the land, his bank account, his family’s health, and increasingly, his conscience. The second half, he ditched the cropping and started to run livestock regeneratively, letting the land do more of what it wanted to do. Now he sees birdlife akin to RAMSAR listed wetlands, 1500 new trees that seeded themselves, and myriad other extraordinary changes. And powering this enormous legacy, a family tragedy that continues to shape their lives in profound ways.A long-held hope, my family visited David and his wife Mary near Boorowa in NSW a few weeks ago. I only half-jokingly wanted to call this episode ‘the do-nothing farmer’ – and even the ‘

  • Nicole Curato: How to transcend political impasses on climate & everything else

    08/04/2024 Duração: 01h03min

    This podcast has been increasingly hearing about the extraordinary outcomes that can stem from deliberative democratic processes. I still hear from listeners about past episodes with people like Jeff Goebel and Amanda Cahill. So this week, we head to the nation’s capital to speak with someone I’ve been looking forward to meeting for years. Professor Nicole Curato is with the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance at the University of Canberra. She’s also a prominent journalist, particularly in her former home country of the Philippines. She’s written op-eds for the New York Times, The Guardian & Al Jazeera. And she regularly collaborates with CNN Philippines, occasionally serving as a television presenter, and has hosted documentaries and produced podcasts.Nicole explores how democratic innovations unfold in the aftermath of tragedies, including disasters, armed conflict, and urban crime. To that we might add increasing stresses like climate change, housing and political polarisation. Nic

  • Sam Vincent: Where the Reed Warbler Called

    01/04/2024 Duração: 01h06min

    Sam Vincent grew up on the farm where Charles Massy famously heard the call of the reed warbler for the first time in 150 years or so. But, like most millennials in his position, he wasn’t going to stay there. Until his old man now famously put his hand in a woodchipper. That’s when Sam left his inner-city life as a writer to help out, and unexpectedly found himself thinking differently about the farm, and his old man. Sam now runs Gollion Farm, with a suite of thriving enterprises, profound new connections with First Nations, and ongoing regeneration of country. And when he wrote a book about it all, called ‘My Father and Other Animals: How I took on the family farm’, it won the 2023 Prime Minister's Literary Award for Non-Fiction. The book is billed as a ‘memoir about belonging, humility and regeneration – of land, family and culture’. Charles Massy calls it a delightful ‘must-read’, Anna Krien calls it ‘one of the most hopeful stories today’, and Billy Griffiths calls it a ‘rollicking comic memoir’. A

  • Jim Phillipson: From Ownership to Stewardship

    25/03/2024 Duração: 01h14min

    Late last year, I arrived at a quandary. I’d been hearing about how inaccessible land ownership is for younger folk, and how investment capital is still relatively slow to come on board the incredible broad scale potential of regenerative agriculture (notwithstanding often great intent). And I’d been hearing how even long-term legends in regen ag are still expected to be saddled with enormous debt and rates of return (to say nothing of squeezed prices), while they also regenerate the majority of the national and global estate on our behalf. Clearly all untenable. So I began to wonder out loud, what if there’s something fundamentally misplaced with the current approach to attracting investment in regeneration?When thinking this aloud, I got some nodding heads and an introduction to Jim Phillipson, former pro-cycling champ, businessman, philanthropist, and co-founder of the Rendere Trust and Biodiversity Legacy. Join us as at Jim’s place as we delve into the transformative concept of stewardship over traditiona

  • Zach Bush MD: Back to the Garden

    18/03/2024 Duração: 02h19min

    Zach Bush MD has become an internationally recognised educator on the microbiome, as it relates to human health, soil health, food systems, water systems, and regenerative living as a whole. The touchstone insight of Zach’s initial transformation was that we don’t need to solve each of our many increasingly prevalent diseases – we need to regenerate the source of our health and vitality. And he’s been startled by our regenerative capacity since embarking on a film project called Farmer’s Footprint back in 2018. It became a global phenomenon, prompting the creation of Farmer’s Footprint USA, Australia, UK, South Africa and New Zealand, so far, alongside a broader project called Project Biome. Amongst all this, the transformations have continued for Zach. So this time, ahead of the Farmer’s Footprint Festival in NSW, I hoped to get to know more of the person behind the star. The feeling behind the public accolades and judgements. Along with what this doctor does when he tends intrinsic health, why farmers conti

  • From Quarry to Oasis: Dominique Hes on the incredible story of Newport Lakes, circular economies & beyond

    10/03/2024 Duração: 01h05min

    Dr Dominique Hes is deeply embedded in the regenerative movement. A renowned educator, author of Designing for Hope, advisor on the Federal Circular Economy Ministerial Advisory Group, Chair of Greenfleet, and featured presence in some of Damon Gameau’s wonderful films, Dominique started working in regenerative development 20 years ago, and ‘sustainability’ for ten years before that. Her focus is on real projects, on the ground, in place. And today, we visit one of them. In her place. Newport Lakes. What was a quarry, is now an extraordinary landscape right in the inner-west of Melbourne. And all on the back of the community here. This is now the subject of Dominique’s next book. Which is just as well, as nobody I’ve spoken with in Melbourne even knows it exists.So join us for a walk through Newport Lakes, as Dominique shares this incredible story with us, along with the story of her life - its transformations, hopes, struggles, breakthroughs, and regeneration reflected in this place. Head here for automatic

  • The Vital Transitions in Energy Beyond Electrifying Everything: Tim Fisher on sun, surf & sympathy

    03/03/2024 Duração: 01h03min

    Tim Fisher is the eldest son of the late Professor Frank Fisher. You’ve heard Frank’s name a bit on this podcast, legendary systems thinking educator in Australia – and good mate over the last dozen or so years of his life. Twice my good fortune was meeting Tim, and keeping in touch over the years. Tim is a wealth of experience, grace and salience in his own right. So, returning to Melbourne to see family for the first time in years, it seemed a good time to visit this extended family of sorts, and press record on a long-awaited chat about his fascinating life, dice with death, and vital work.Tim has run publications across media platforms, government agencies and non-profits. He’s edited and written for the ABC, SBS, The Age, Broadsheet, Smith Journal, Surfing World, Surfer, Triple J, White Horses, Patagonia and more. As a board member of Psychology for a Safe Climate and a member of Surfers for Climate, he devotes much of his time to storytelling and communication around climate change. Especially on the bi

  • Regenerating Life, the Movie: How to cool the planet, feed the world & live happily ever after, with John Feldman

    25/02/2024 Duração: 01h55s

    Regenerating Life is a new feature-length documentary that takes a fresh look at solving the climate crisis - and everything else. Internationally acclaimed New York filmmaker John Feldman recently premiered it in the US (where recent podcast guest Judith Schwartz featured on the panel). He’s now about to accompany its premiere in Europe. The film shifts away from the narrative that burning fossil fuels is the primary cause of the climate crisis – seeing that as just one symptom, significant as it is, of humankind’s relentless destruction of nature as a whole. This is because it’s the vast biodiversity on this planet that regulates and balances the climate. And the key take home? We can and are reversing this destructive process by Regenerating Life.The film is also a kind of tribute to a much-loved Aussie scientist, Walter Jehne. And John talks here about his own transformation with varied projects and other legends in systemic thinking over the decades. Some feature in this film, like Vandana Shiva, Wes Jac

  • The River Is Our Blood: Kate McBride, Zach Bush MD & Dr Pran Yoganathan at the Reconnection Festival

    19/02/2024 Duração: 59min

    We’re back at the Reconnection Festival for the last of three inter-related panel conversations, each building on the other. This one's on health, and features explosive revelations about a ‘Motor Neuron Disease alley’ linked to pollution and river degeneration in Australia’s Riverina agricultural district. Akin to the ‘cancer alley’ of the Mississippi River that transformed the life of our international guest, Zach Bush MD. Zach went on to found US not-for-profit Farmer’s Footprint, and has now shepherded it to five countries so far, including Farmer’s Footprint Australia.Australia’s MND alley is just part of what Kate McBride is reporting on, and living, as a researcher with The Australia Institute and 5th generation farmer, born and bred on the half-million-acre Tolarno Station on the Darling Barka River. She came to national prominence unintentionally as the river ran dry and ongoing fish kills have followed.Dr Pran Yoganathan, a Gastroenterologist and renowned voice of the 'regenerative medical

  • Huge Opportunity: Original Haggerty farm for sale

    15/02/2024 Duração: 22min

    Welcome to the first of our mid-week specials. This is one of the experiments I want to try this year. Short grab releases featuring particular opportunities, stories or updates. There are just so many coming on, I hope this helps you to access them, and all of us to build on them. As ever, you’ll let me know what you think! First up then, a huge opportunity in the wheatbelt of WA. The Haggerty family have put their original ‘home’ property up for sale. This is where they developed the foundation of their globally renowned ‘natural intelligence farming’ model over a few decades. Here they share with us some of the what, why and how of the sale, along with a sense of the enormous possibilities on offer.Head here for automatic cues to chapter markers (also available on Apple and some other apps, and the embedded player on the episode web page), and a transcript of this conversation (the transcript is AI generated and imperfect, but hopefully serves to provide greater access to these conversations for those who

  • A Feast of Transformation: Laura Dalrymple, Matthew Evans & Darren Doherty at the Reconnection Festival

    12/02/2024 Duração: 58min

    Feast on our next conversation at the Reconnection Festival, the largest gathering of the regenerative movement in this country to date. This time, we’re talking food, for which the 800 people present were joined by a few more visionaries: Laura Dalrymple, founder of the extraordinary Feather and Bone in Sydney Matthew Evans, author, TV host & farmer at Fat Pig Farm in Tasmania, andDarren Doherty, founder of the globally renowned Regrarians out of Central Victoria. The general trajectory of the conversation was ‘what’s hot, what’s not, what’s working and what’s next?’ It broaches some of the tough stuff regarding how we navigate the complexities of the global food system to foster a healthier society and planet? This includes challenges related to meat debates, food production health crises, and economic barriers. We also delve into the treasure trove of stuff that’s working well. Which sums to a call to further reconnect with the journey of our food from farm to fork (and far beyond), even amidst financi

  • Cultural Reconnection: Live with Dr Amanda Cahill, Jade Miles & Isira Aunty Jinta at the Reconnection Festival

    05/02/2024 Duração: 53min

    We head over to the eastern-most point of Australia this week, for the largest gathering of the regenerative movement in this country to date. Join us at the Reconnection Festival, staged by Farmer’s Footprint Australia in November last year. We sit with a panel of three visionary women, for a conversation on culture that laid a foundation for everything that followed. Two of our panellists are previous podcast guests: Dr Amanda Cahill, CEO and founder of The Next Economy, and Jade Miles, CEO of Sustainable Table and farmer and author at Black Barn Farm. They were joined here by Indigenous elder Isira, known as Aunty Jinta. This was one of my favourite conversations last year, and in many ways lays a foundation for this year too. There are profound insights shared here into the cultural bedrock necessary for nurturing life on Earth. Our guests faced some wrenching dilemmas at the time too, providing a powerful launching point for exploring what might actually offer ways through our most trenchant impasses, to

  • The Regeneration Rhapsody: Success Stories of Soil & Spirit from the Margaret River Conference (Day 2)

    29/01/2024 Duração: 49min

    Join us at the grand finale of the 2023 Regenerative Agriculture Conference in Margaret River WA. Following on from last week, today we’re with another all-star panel. And again, we’ve no predetermined agenda, but to reflect on what had gone before, and what might come next.Dr Judi Earl is a national treasure, having conducted the first studies describing the benefits to pasture from planned grazing. She has been a Holistic Management educator since 2002, and showcases the capacity of grazing animals to regenerate land on her 454 hectare property in NSW.Rowan Reid is a global figurehead in agroforestry. He’s a co-founder of one of Australia’s most successful Landcare groups, the Otway Agroforestry Network, in southern Victoria. More than 12,000 visitors have toured his Bambra Agroforestry Farm, which is set up as a 42-hectare outdoor classroom for farmers, scientists, students and tree lovers.Kristy Stewart is a young leader who was born and raised up the road from Rowan Reid at Yan Yan Gurt West, an award-wi

  • The Regenerative Era Ignites: Tales from the 2023 Margaret River Conference (Day 1)

    22/01/2024 Duração: 01h20min

    Welcome to the new year. And welcome to a new world, where soil renews and pastures flourish, where every bite of food embodies a philosophy of renewal. The Regenerative Era blooms, and with it, a transformative approach to our landscapes and the very sustenance of life. Join us on a journey to Margaret River, where the 2023 Regenerative Agriculture Conference ignited a beacon of hope and inspiration with a turnout of passionate souls exceeding 300. This episode is your exclusive pass to the heart of a movement, with regenerative systems pioneers forming an all-star panel that pulled no punches and had plenty of laughs along the way:Dr Terry McCosker OAM, founder of RCS Australia and one of the great innovators of Australian agriculture for over 55 years;Dianne & Ian Haggerty, globally renowned pioneers in WA’s wheatbelt;Heidi Mippy, award-winning Noongar and Thiin-Mah Warriyangka woman who has worked in community development for over 25 years, runs a business, and has a chapter in the best-selling book R

  • 186. 2023 RegenNarration Soundtrack: Highlights from our guests this year

    20/12/2023 Duração: 45min

    Welcome to the customary package of highlights from another brilliant array of guests throughout 2023, accompanied by some of the music and sounds of Country heard along the way. Our guests were farmers, artists, First Nations, entrepreneurs, investors, former miners, migrants, health professionals, writers, journalists, facilitators, producers, consultants, researchers, diplomats, political economists, permaculturalists, market gardeners, chefs and more; some famous, many not, of all ages, from right around Australia and the world. It’s all put together here in what sums to a feast of uplift, fun, beauty, guts and love.See the website for the ‘track list’.Title image: A moment of trust, Anthony face to face with Kalahari the bull, at Kachana Station (pic: Chris Henggeler).With thanks to all the wonderful musicians who generously granted permission for their music to be heard here. Find more:To access the full catalogue of episodes, head to the website at or wherever you get you

  • 185. Achieving Consensus & Commitment to do the ‘Impossible’, with Jeff Goebel

    12/12/2023 Duração: 01h29min

    Welcome to a very special final episode for 2023. After seven years of this podcast, covering many inspiring stories, there’s clearly no mystery as to how we go about regeneration. So why is the macro story, if you like, the big picture - extinctions, emissions, inequality, health - still going the wrong way? Is there something we’re missing, for all our regenerative efforts? Something that doesn’t just help a few of us on regenerative trajectories, but all of us? Something that changes what happens, not just in the margins, but all over?Throughout the last 18 months or so, in particular, a thread has emerged on the podcast that suggests there is indeed that something, and we know how to go about that too. And my guest today, Jeff Goebel, has been at it longer than most. You might remember my recent guest on ep175, the award-winning author of The Reindeer Chronicles, Judith Schwartz, talking about him. She wrote up an incredible story in that book, of community transformation guided by Jeff, and was so inspir

  • 184. After Former Ambassador’s Climate Hunger Strike: Gregory Andrews on its extraordinary & complex outcomes

    05/12/2023 Duração: 01h10min

    D’harawal man Gregory Andrews is the Former Ambassador and first Threatened Species Commissioner of Australia who went on Climate Hunger Strike outside Australia’s federal parliament for, as he put it, my kids and country. On the 16th day, he was hospitalised. And while Gregory began his recovery, a community vigil of sorts kicked in, with people taking Gregory’s place, fasting for a day each. And that’s just a hint of some of the extraordinary insight and power sparked by Gregory’s experience - as indeed the history of these sorts of experiences has often found. Though not all progressive voices, in this instance, including my federal independent MP, as it happens, Kate Chaney, were in support.We talk about all this in what became a very personal exchange about the value of what we can give of our lives, in these times.Head here for automatic cues to chapter markers (also available on the embedded player on the episode web page), and a transcript of this conversation (please note the transcript is AI generat

  • 183. Alessandro Pelizzon: On the EU adopting ecocide laws, & media to believe in

    30/11/2023 Duração: 45min

    Earlier this year, Associate Professor in Law, Alessandro Pelizzon, was on the podcast talking about some of the latest global paradigm shifting developments in our legal systems. A couple of weeks ago, there was another such development. The EU is going to criminalise severe environmental harms ‘comparable to ecocide’. And related to that, it’s also broaching post-growth economies. All part of broader shifts in deciding what we value most, and how our systems can best change to reflect that.With this in mind, we also go on to talk about what Alessandro is observing in our media systems - the emergence of a new phase of ‘climate-denialism’, and from some people who have great appeal to many of us, and in a variety of ways, from Elon Musk to Jordan Peterson. How to make sense of that? And to what extent might this be related to the paradigm shifts above?That leads us to the broader question, what do we do about media? We compare notes on what’s been brewing on and around the podcast lately. And to close, we ge

  • 182. My Eulogy for a Friend & Systems Thinking Legend: Celebrating the 80th birthday of Professor Frank Fisher

    27/11/2023 Duração: 12min

    Today is a special release ahead of this week’s scheduled episode. It was recorded with a full house of over 400 people in the main theatre at Federation Square in Melbourne, for the memorial service of my late great mate and mentor, and legend in systems thinking – and practice – in this country, Professor Frank Fisher. Mine was a humble opener for a few beautiful eulogies offered on the day. Today would be, or is, Frank’s 80th birthday. I’ve commemorated the occasion in recent years with episodes featuring fittingly special guests – from the late Hazel Henderson, to the still thriving Allan Savory, Charlie Massy and Paul Hawken. This time, for the big 8-0, I’d been imagining Frank still being here, wondering where our conversations and experiences may have gone over the years. And that took me back to this event, and the best tribute story I could muster at the time. And hard as it was, there did seem to be a bit of magic about.Head here for automatic cues to chapter markers (also available on the embedded

  • 181. Revolutionising Perceptions, Repurposing Donkeys & Restoring Country: With Brooke Purvis, co-founder of the Last Stop Donkey Program

    21/11/2023 Duração: 45min

    Brooke Purvis is a podcast listener who reached out after hearing the most recent episode with Chris Henggeler from Kachana Station last month. She wondered if she could help with the ‘donkey situation’ there. It turns out she’s co-founded something called the Last Stop Donkey Program, out of Singleton in the Hunter Valley of NSW.Brooke and husband Heath say they saw many people looking to purchase donkeys in an attempt to combat growing stock losses from dingo attacks, as donkeys are renowned for their stock protecting capabilities. Their website explains: ‘There was only one problem, donkeys are hard to come by. However, in the Northern Territory and Queensland they are classified as pests and eradication measures are in place, usually aerial culling.’ Well, we know we can add WA to the culling list, of course. So, partnering with the local school, would you believe, the Last Stop Donkey Program was born - taking in wild donkeys, re-socialising them, and training prospective owners before they purchase the

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