Along For The Ride



Welcome podcast listeners to the newest joy ride where four friends go on car rides and talk about everything and anything!!!


  • Online Dating (We're Rich and Hot)


    Recorded on August 29, 2015. Eric loves that green sauce! Roth is driving with no GPS. Nunz has nothing. And George battles his Acrophobia.

  • Copyright Infringement 101


    Recorded on June 28, 2015. Tired and hungover after a night in Atlantic City. You know you get them, what is your hangover cure. Hangover cures to driving skills... What is a drive home without a talk about driving skills. We talk about highway driving. Then things get serious, and it becomes a talk about the future. We end with another Speed Round (sort of).

  • Good Movie, Next Topic


    Recorded on June 27, 2015. This first episode we introduce ourselves and decide to call this podcast Along For the Ride. We start out telling you our most embarrassing stories. What's the sixth amendment? We then talk about the future of our lives. A little bit of sport talk. We end our drive with what we call Speed Round.