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  • The Nightly News Podcast – Episode 46

    09/07/2015 Duração: 01h30min

    Discussed in this Episode: United Airlines system was taken down, NYSE was taken down, WSJ site was down...Are these attacks just the beginning of what's to come in the cyber world? Is this part of Jade Helm? Dylann Storm Roof, false flag? Fake arrest? Crisis actors? These topics and more discussed, Tune in. [Thumbnail Pic via] http://cupegraf.com/403459-cloverfield.html

  • The Nightly News Podcast Ep.44 - Scalar Energy w/Tom Paladino

    08/07/2015 Duração: 01h07min

    The Possible Cure For All Viruses Using Scalar Energy. Having spent 25 years in his research into Scalar Energy, Tom has been inspired by several scientists, most notably from the works of Nikola Tesla. http://www.selfhealgo.com Guest co-host: Rex Bear from http://www.leakproject.com

  • The Nightly News Podcast - Episode 43 - Marie D. Jones

    28/06/2015 Duração: 54min

    A History of Mind Control, Surveillance, and Social Engineering by the Government, Media, and Secret Societies. The inner frontier of the human mind is the last bastion of privacy.But are we really in control of our own minds? The answer may shock you! Mind Wars includes fascinating stories of: Ancient attempts at mind control using spell casting, potions, and rituals. Cults and the use of mental reprogramming. More modern mind-control techniques, from hypnosis, drugs, and electroshock to radiation and psychic driving. The brave new world of electronic harassment, “voice to skull” technology and gang-stalking. “This exemplary and alarming book is a must read for those who desire a comprehensive understanding of the subversive alteration and modification of human behavior.” -Ron Patton, Publisher of MKzine and Paranoia Magazine  http://www.mariedjones.com.

  • Episode 43

    22/06/2015 Duração: 01h50min

    Discussed In This Episode: Dylann Roof South Carolina Church Massacre Gunman Conspiracy. War With China. Jade Helm Signs Of Financial Turmoil In Europe, China And The United States Boston Marathon Bombs

  • The Nightly News Podcast - Peter Kling - Episode 42

    22/06/2015 Duração: 54min

    In This Episode:  Jade Helm, Bank Virus, Psyops, Bible Prophecies w/Peter Kling  Considered as the Einstein of Biblical prophecy: Peter Kling combined his scientific and religious knowledge together, to uncover the "mystery" that religion has tried to keep hidden for over 2000 years!

  • Episode 41

    20/05/2015 Duração: 56min

    Discussed In This Episode: NASA: A Huge section of Antarctica’s Ice Shelf Is Disintegrating. Oil Pipeline Spills About 21K Gallons off California. Alex Jones: “Something Big Is About To Happen!”  Los Angeles City Council Votes for $15 Minimum Wage. 4 US cancer charities charged for misusing donations. - Guest co-host Sonny Cardona Joins the Program. http://extremelifechanger.com https://www.youtube.com/user/Truthneversleeps

  • Episode 40

    19/05/2015 Duração: 55min

    Discussed In This Episode: 40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now. This October The World Will Change: “China Is Preparing For Something Big”. Bank of America is forecasting a ‘scary summer’ for the stock market. St. Louis Federal Reserve confirms hack. S. Arabia calls in off-the-shelf nuke option with Pakistan. DEA Literally Steals $16,000 From 22-Year-Old for No Reason.

  • Episode 39

    18/05/2015 Duração: 56min

    Discussed In This Episode: Amtrak train crashes near Philadelphia. Greece Emptied Emergency IMF Fund to Pay IMF Debt. Senate Democrats block Obama-backed trade deal. DHS Latest Attempt to Keep the Public in Fear, Claim Lone-Wolf Attacks Could Happen Any Day Now. North Korea defense chief reportedly executed with anti-aircraft gun. Nepal gets no break: More die in 7.3 magnitude earthquake. RUSSIA ASKS GREECE TO JOIN BRICS BANK. Osama Bin Laden was an unarmed elderly 'invalid' when Navy Seals killed him and Barack Obama lied about the mission, report claims. Obama’s Most Aggressive legislative push since ObamaCare, PPT!!!! Senator Warren hits back at Obama in Pacific Rim trade fight

  • Episode 38

    14/05/2015 Duração: 53min

    Discussed In This Episode: NSA program on phone records is illegal, court rules. Motels Sharing “Daily Guest List with Police” and Aiding Warrant Checks on Every Guest. Justice Department to investigate Baltimore police. Senate overwhelmingly approves bill to give Congress say in Iran agreement. 4.0-magnitude quake in Venus, south of Tarrant County, rattles much of North Texas. Crazy person alert! This woman is suing all gay people on earth on God’s behalf. Yes, really. Man is raped at gunpoint by THREE women so they could collect his semen in a cooler box and ‘steal’ it in South Africa.

  • Episode 37

    07/05/2015 Duração: 53min

    In This Episode: Baltimore Mayor Asks DOJ To Investigate City’s Police Force. NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Baltimore Is Just the Beginning. Comedian’s Comments About Dead Dallas Jihadists Hailed As “Best Tweet In The History of Twitter”. ISIS POSTS WARNING: “We Have 71 Trained Soldiers in 15 States” – NAMES 5 TARGETS. 5-star resort opens for ISIS supporters in Iraq. Doomed Russian Spacecraft Is Falling From Space, But Where Will It Fall? ‘Price Is Right’ Gives a Woman in a Wheelchair One of the Most Unfortunate Gifts in Gameshow History.

  • Episode 36

    05/05/2015 Duração: 54min

    In This Episode: ISIS Strikes In Texas? 96 Percent of Americans Expect More Civil Unrest in U.S. Cities This Summer. Strong earthquake hits near Papua New Guinea. SHERIFF: Baltimore State’s Atty Marilyn Mosby Charged Wrong People, Wrong Names, Wrong Addresses of 2 Officers. Hillary Clinton agrees to testify on Benghazi and emails this month. Fed not likely to increase US rates until September. Secrecy Over TPP Fuels Growing Opposition in Congress. Texas Councilman Forgets To Turn Off Microphone While Using Bathroom to take a Pee, Mayor laughs her ass off.

  • Episode 35

    04/05/2015 Duração: 55min

    In This Episode: What we know, don't know about Freddie Gray's arrest. The death toll from the magnitude-7.8 earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday has increased to 6,134. Rand Paul leaves Homeland Security Chief speechless, challenged on 4th amend. The Messenger of fate: NASA spacecraft smashes into planet Mercury. It’s official: Police were ordered to stand down and let the Baltimore riots rage out of control. 8 to 9 foot tall fencing erected in parking lot of closed Walmart — barbed wire? Scientists confirm submarine volcanic eruption 300 miles off the coast of Washington State – massive ‘quiet’ lava burst. Another strong explosive eruption of Calbuco volcano, Chile.

  • Episode 34

    30/04/2015 Duração: 54min

    In This Episode: US Economic Growth is slowing Grinding to a Halt! More Protests, NYC, Chicago, Oakland, Denver (more weed needed their) and of course Baltimore. Arrests made in NYC so far. “Where is Joseph Kent?”: Social media erupts after cameras capture activist’s suspicious-looking arrest. Prisoner in van said Freddie Gray was ‘trying to injure himself,’ document says. Out-of-control Russian cargo ship plunging to Earth, official says. Fed, White House fail to mention the D-word. Report: Walmart in Baltimore Refusing Ammo Sales. Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Nail Rebel Fighter to Cross, Burn Him Alive.   Texas Ranger Drops Jade Helm Bombshell: “There Are Trains With Shackles On Them”.

  • Episode 33

    29/04/2015 Duração: 03min

    In This Episode: Baltimore Citywide Curfew In Effect. Scattered Resistance Flares in Baltimore as Curfew Takes Effect. US sends destroyer after Iran seizes ship. Nepal's PM says earthquake death toll could reach 10,000. Iran insists Israel ‘give up the bomb’ as Tehran seeks nuclear-free Middle East. Jihadi groups unite: Boko Haram changes name to Islamic State’s West African Province. Negative interest rates put world on course for biggest mass default in history.

  • The Nightly News Podcast - Episode 32

    28/04/2015 Duração: 01h15min

    In This Episode: Civil Unrest Has Begun In Baltimore And This Is Only Just The Start Of Something MUCH Bigger. Baltimore Mom Confronts Her Rioting Son. NEPAL EQ Avalanche engulfing Everest Base Camp caught on video.

  • The Nightly News Podcast - Episode 31

    17/04/2015 Duração: 26min

    In This Episode: Armed National Guard Troops Patrol Residential Streets in California. Special Op Veterans Groups Have Launched ‘Counter Jade Helm’ Operation. Walmart Directly Tied To DHS - Inside Info May Have Prompted Store Closures. Are the Nationwide Walmart Closures Connected to Detention Centers for American Citizens? CONSPIRACY THEORISTS, BLOGGERS COMPARED TO ISIS DURING CONGRESSIONAL HEARING. FBI Holds “Special” Meeting in Juárez to Address ISIS, DHS Not Invited. Mexico scrambles to find stolen radioactive material. Signs That The Elite Are Feverishly Preparing For Something BIG.

  • The Nightly News Podcast - Episode 30

    16/04/2015 Duração: 01h06min

    In This Episode: Six Wal-Mart stores closes due to "plumbing issues"...the mystery continues. Florida mailman lands a gyrocopter on Capitol lawn, hoping to send a message. Statue of Liberty-sized ASTEROID on collision course to hit EARTH, experts fear. Video of officer ramming armed man stirs intense reaction. Will a volcanic eruption destroy humanity? Scientists warn that world must begin preparing for explosive global catastrophe. What ever happened to the Big Bad Problem that this country has, that we really used to talk about, How about our still constant and growing DEFICIT. Japan surpasses China as largest holder of U.S. debt. HACKERS COULD COMMANDEER NEW PLANES THROUGH PASSENGER WI-FI. Hillary Clinton makes up Immigrant Family to appeal to Immigrants. Hillary Clinton stages her first interaction in Iowa with lowans, WTF!