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Fire Through Spirit with Corbie Mitleid presents dialogue, discussion and discovery to help you spread your wings and fly. "Fire Through Spirit" has been Corbie's calling since first going public with her work in 1994. The name originally meant the fire of healing through the spirit of compassion. Today it has come to mean the fire of ideas to light the spirit of the world - and the spirit in each one of us. We want Fire Through Spirit to be something you refer to again and again, where you share a particularly compelling show or podcast with friends - and you come away with a whole new idea of how to live your life to its most delicious potential.


  • The Final Episode with Corbie Mitleid and Sharita Star


    This week - the FINAL EPISODE (no cliffhanger) of Fire Through Spirit Radio! The Final Hurrah is shared with my favorite co-host, Sharita Star, letting us in on what's in store for the New Year. Don't miss it!

  • The Final Fireside Chat with Corbie Mitleid


    Tonight is my final solo show taking your calls, doing readings, and hearing from you how the show has benefited you.

  • The Oreo Cat Conversation with Tina Modugno


    We're all familiar with those "cat pages" on Facebook: some are silly, and some are hilarious, and some are -- well, people's pets. But occasionally there is one that is both hilarious and helpful, and we're pleased to bring on Tina Modugno, artist and author, whose feline child, Oreo, has a wicked sense of humor as well as his own calendar and book! Tina will be talking to us about how Oreo went from a cupcake-sized stray kitten to the celebricat he is today, as well as talking about rescue organizations, why declawing your cat is the LAST thing you should do, and how to support organizations that make life a little better for the strays who need a hand. ALSO, a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the show, so you don't want to miss it!

  • Hungry for the Holidays with Chef Christie


    It's that a time of the year when food really does take front-and-center attention, from the Thanksgiving turkey to champagne on New Year's Eve -- and our chef-in-residence, Christie Seelye-King, is back to help us determine how to put our best recipes forward for the rest of 2014 -- including how to do gluten-free feasting that takes all the grief out of the Beef Burgundy and problems out of the Pumpkin Pie!

  • Building Beautiful Souls with Bernadette Carter-King


    How many times do you go to the Internet looking for useful information, and get overwhelmed by the number of sites and level of complexity? If you're like me, often! That's why you definitely want to learn about Building Beautiful Souls, a new go-to website that's the brainchild of Bernadette Carter-King. As well as being a talented medium herself, she is an Internet genius and understands what it takes to build a community one pixel at a time. We'll be discussing her work and her take on finding metaphysical information you can trust on the web, as well as having a great time reflecting on the work we both do.

  • Ask The Universe For Anything!


    I’m jazzed to welcome back my friend Chris Alexandria, whose new book turns the idea of affirmations on its head. She advocates ASKfirmations: positive, present-tense questions that encourage the Universe to answer and deliver exactly what you deserve while getting the Ego to sit on the sidelines. She’ll explain the mechanics to us tonight, and teach all of us why Questions are some of the best devices in the Law of Attraction tool kit!

  • Powering Up Our Life Stories with Andrew Steed


    It's the time of the year for stories - ghost stories, stories of the old days and old times. Yet our own life stories are as powerful as anything that shamans told around campfires. My dear friend and brilliant storyteller Andrew Steed inspires us to reclaim and reweave our own stories, to own everything that has happened to us and turn it to our own advantage with the turn of a phrase and the turn of our hearts. Join me for this most magical conversation.

  • CRIMSON AND GOLD -- AND WHITE -- IS THE NEW GREEN with David Mizejewski


    Everybody knows spring and summer are wonderful times to enjoy your gardens and backyards, and the birds provide a spectacular show as they migrate in and make families! But the fall and winter are when they need us the most, and your backyard habitat can be both a delight and a lifesaver for local wildlife when it's snowing, blowing and freezing. My favorite Nature Dude, David Mizejewski, is joining us tonight to talk about how to attract and enjoy birds and other backyard wildlife this fall and winter and how to have your yard recognized as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Remember, Ma Feathers cares for her wing folks and fur buddies no matter the season. Now you can too!

  • Endings Are Beginings They're All the Sacred Dance with Summer Hawk Wolf


    There can be so many endings in life -- relationships, friendships, jobs, homes. The shamanic journey supports the individual experiencing the pain and the grief in the endings, but also gives the person walking that path the knowledge and direction to make an ending into a beautiful beginning. We will be talking with Summer Hawk Wolf, a well known Shamana in the Pennsylvania area, about her work, her skills and her abilities in helping clients to dance their life path with joy and understanding.

  • Food As Practice, Not A Problem!


    If you’re not one of them, I know you know one – the person who constantly struggles with food and body issues. After decades of looking at every possible solution (with none of them working very long), I was amazed to find that yoga and its practice of mindfulness can offer a surprisingly effective path to well-being. Melissa Grabau’s new book, The Yoga of Food, invites us to explore contemplation prompts and meditations that will really plug us into a deeper appreciation of the body’s health and vitality. Sharing lessons and stories she’s cultivated from years of clinical practice, Melissa provides a roadmap toward a healthier approach to nutrition and the human spirit. If you want to make food a partner rather than a problem (or a pariah!) in your life

  • Entrepreneur or Practitioner?


    We're so grateful so many are walking the Lightworker path these days. But why do some people flounder and some people thrive? The secret is knowing which you are -- a practitioner (you work IN your job) or an entrepreneur (you work ON your job, and love running the whole show!). This week on Fire Through Spirit Radio we're talking with Holistic Business Consultant Holly Matson of Lightseeds by Holly. The world needs the gifts you have to offer! Find out whether you have a practitioner mindset (working in your business) or an entrepreneurial mindset (working in AND on your business), what the difference is, and how you can best grow your work into the rewarding heart-based business you always wanted.

  • Establishing A Heart Centered Business


    Having earned the nickname "The Travel Channel," I find myself all over the East Coast for both expos and workshops -- and I'm picky about where I go. I was hosted by the Center for Relaxation & Healing in Plainsboro NJ recently, and was struck by how seamlessly the center was run -- a model for all of us who want that storefront or physical practice to blossom in our community. I asked the Center's founder, Michele Granberg, to share with us her thoughts about crafting and sustaining a metaphysical business, and she was more than happy to grab the microphone! If your heart's desire is a place to share your energies with your community at the same time that you increase your own abundance level.

  • 2014 Fall Forecasts with Sharita Star


    The leaves are turning, the days are getting shorter, and that means fall is on its way. As always at the turn of the seasons, we are delighted to welcome back one of Corbie's favorite co-hosts, Sharita Star: lexigramist, astrologer and numerologist. Find out what's in store for you as we wind down the year -- and hear about Sharita's own new blog on Empower Radio, EMPOWERSCOPES

  • Art As Healing, Healer As Artist with Sandra Fioramonti-Sabine


    There is an incredible level of beauty in metaphysical work, but one doesn't always get to see it with 'outside eyes." My guest tonight, Sandra Fioramonti-Sabene brings it fully into being with her magnificent "Spirit Paintings." We'll talk about how the illness and passing of her first husband opened the door for her to combine her artistic talents with her compassionate heart in order to open the Liverpool Art Center and study healing arts as a profession. The arts have become a way for her to help people work through self healing and self discovery.

  • Make Your Passion Pay!


    For over ten years, I have adored the freedom I have found by being an entrepreneur -- and I am doubly lucky that my business can operate worldwide due to the Internet. If that's been YOUR dream, then you definitely want to listen to this week's show! I'm happy to host Meredith Eisenberg and Jasper Blake, whose podcast, PAYCHECK TO PASSION, has just hit the airwaves. Get in on the ground floor and find out how to make your dreams come through using Internet Technology

  • Channeling Harrison With David Young


    Like vast numbers of my generation, I was (and am) a Beatles fan. My favorites were John Lennon -- for his intellect, wit, and belief in people in his later life -- and George Harrison. So I was amazed to learn of musician David Young's connection with George. In 2010, beyond any apparent reason, George Harrison began appearing in David’s life. At first, these unusual experiences occurred about every two months, even though David knew little of channeling experiences, was far from being a Beatles fan, and quite afraid of ghosts. Over 100 real life miracles have occurred, many included in Channeling Harrison Book One. This fascinating book was released in March by the publisher of the widely read book, Conversations With God. Now, Channeling Harrison offers you a new way to think about life after death.

  • Past Lives and Present Healing


    As many of you know, I’ve worked with Robert Schwartz on his prebirth planning series for over a decade, and past life retrieval is a specialty of mine. It’s why I am just thrilled to have the chance to chat with Dr. Linda Backman, whose new volume THE EVOLVING SOUL expands on the idea that we plan our lives before we incarnate for purpose, learning and evolution of our Journey.

  • Saving Lives - One Wing, One Paw at a Time


    We have all seen injured or abandoned wildlife, and while our hearts go out to them, most of us don't know how best to help. When an injured animal is found, the goal is releasing it back to a natural habitat where a normal life can be resumed. Sue-Ryn Burns is a longtime wildlife rehabilitator, and we'll be talking about what it takes to save these little lives, from housing, feeding and cleaning up after injured and orphaned animals to how such service requires being observant, calm, and able to commit time to their care and well being.

  • A Relationship Roundtable with Kimberly Wilson Ward


    Many people come to us for readings, and there are the usual themes, such as career, finances and health -- but 80%-90% of the time there are relationship questions. Whether it's a relationship with your coworkers, your family, your friends, your significant other or yourself -- it's often at the core of all other questions. I'm delighted to welcome back Kimberly Wilson Ward who will talk with us about how to keep relationships blooming and thriving, how to "prune them back" for better growth, and how to keep your relationships growing so that everyone concerned can benefit from the energy exchange!

  • Good Fiction Makes For A Better Reality wih J.M. Frey


    It's a rough world out there -- it can be unfriendly, misogynist, fatalistic, full of fear. You would think that science fiction and fantasy has nothing to do with what we have to deal with. Yet I would challenge you to think about it as a genre that opens you up to what is possible -- where the idea of tolerance, curiosity, the seemingly impossible and the eternally open mind is hailed as the way to the future. Join me with fanthrolopogist and award-winning science fiction/fantasy author J M Frey as we discuss how the view of SF/Fantasy has changed over the decades, and why it may just be the way to save the future.

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