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  • Follow Me


    Anchor Passage: Luke 9:57-62 Jesus invites you to follow Him. Will you? Join us as Eric explains how the cost of saying “yes” to Jesus’ invitation is nothing in comparison to the greater reward of following Him.Text ‘Believe’ to 949-267-3131

  • Come to Me


    Anchor Passage: Matthew 11:20-24; 28-30Are you tired, weary, and exhausted? Jesus has good news for you. Join us for the launch of our brand-new teaching series, Red Letter Invitations, and discover Jesus’ invitation to lasting rest.

  • Easter 2021


    Anchor Passage: John 2:19-22Today, hope is needed more than ever. The good news of Easter is that hope is alive! Join us this Easter at Mariners as we celebrate the promise of the Resurrection and Jesus’ invitation to a new life.

  • About Your Doubts


    Anchor Passage: John 20:27Do you ever wrestle with doubt? Jesus invites you to bring all your doubts to Him. Join us as Eric explains how our doubts can actually help us form a stronger, deeper faith.

  • About A God Who Serves You


    Anchor Passage: John 13:1-20Who is the greatest in God’s Kingdom? Jesus’ answer might surprise you. Join us as Kenton unpacks a shocking moment from Jesus’ life when He modeled what it meant to love and serve others like God loves and serves us.

  • About Your Prayers


    Anchor Passage: Mark 7:24-30Do you ever feel stuck in your prayers or unsure of what to stay? Do you wonder if God is really listening? Join us as Steve Bang Lee shares how we can be bold in our prayers and trust God with our lives because of who He is and how much He loves us.

  • About Your Past


    Are you weighed down by guilt, regrets, and shame from your past mistakes? Jesus wants to have a conversation with you. Join us as we dive into Jesus’ longest recorded conversation in the Bible and discover the surprising words He has for you about your past—and your future.

  • About Your Achievements


    Do you find yourself settling for the temporary things of this world and resting in your own achievements? Jesus has some unexpected words for you. Join us for the first week of a brand-new weekend message series as Eric explains how eternal life is not something we achieve, it’s something we receive.

  • Honor the Lord


    Jesus cares for the poor and the oppressed, and He expects and invites His followers to do the same. This week, Eric teaches us why the Lord champions the cause of the poor and how we honor God by honoring the poor.

  • The Wisdom of Work


    Did you know the average American will spend an estimated 100,000 hours in their lifetimes at their jobs? Join us as Doug Fields explains how we can spend those hours wisely, use our work to bring glory to God, and make a lasting difference in the lives of others.



    The gap between what we say and what we do reveals a lot about us. Join Kenton as he shares some practical advice for how you can close this gap and pursue a lifestyle of integrity and honesty.

  • Guard Your Heart


    What does it mean to guard your heart and why does it matter? In this message, you’ll learn how your heart reflects and directs your path and how God’s wisdom equips you to protect your most valuable possession.

  • Walk with the Wise


    The people we surround ourselves with impact us more than we realize. Join us as Eric explains how we can choose our friends wisely and live in community with people who will encourage us to walk in wisdom.

  • Fear No One but God


    Who do you fear? When we fear others more than God, it keeps us from living the good life God intends for us. Join us for the first message of our brand new series, Word to the Wise, and discover the first step to walking in wisdom in 2021!

  • 2020 Vision


    Many of us are breathing a sigh of relief that 2020 is almost over, but what perspective should we have when challenges come our way? Join us for an encouraging and powerful message as we look back on 2020 and prepare for the new year!

  • We Sing because Salvation has Arrived


    Experience the beauty, wonder, and joy of Christmas at Mariners. Celebrate the good news of Christmas with us and rejoice in the arrival of Jesus!

  • The Angels Song: Peace


    The angels sang because Jesus, the Prince of Peace, had finally arrived. This week, Kenton explains how we can embrace Jesus’s gift of lasting peace and share this gift with others.

  • We Sing because He Remembers Us


    The arrival of Jesus brought the dawn of hope and salvation to a weary world trapped in darkness. Dig into Zechariah’s song with Eric and see how Jesus brings us a new day!

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