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Football, and more football. With a priority on the University of Utah Utes, and BYU Cougars, but branching out to all things pigskin. The audio version of the Red, Blue And Pigskin article found here,-Blue-And-Pigskin throughout the season.


  • Red, Blue And Pigcast: The Lost Pigcast


    A little while ago, Joey, Pete and myself got together to discuss a few things.  Events then converged, and the podcast got extremely delayed.  Well here it is now.  Fortunately most of what was discussed wasn't too time relevant.So what was discussed? We spent some time breaking down the move of Dennis Erickson to be "Co-OC" of the Utes, including a little bit of time disparaging the Alma Mater of one of our own.  Then we gave BYU's schedule equal treatment to what we gave the Utes schedule when it became official. Finally we moved on to the NFL where we discussed the Blackout Haurghbowl.  I unleashed my full QB rankings, and finally we spent a good chunk of time talking about our the coaching moves we were most interested in.It's about a month late, but still worth a listen.As always, feedback is always welcome at [email protected]

  • Red, Blue And Pigcast: Coaching Carousel


    When we got together for a Super Bowl related Pigcast a couple weeks ago, Joey and I had to wait on that slow poke Pete to get home from his occupational related duties.  What better way to kill time than a podcast to discuss the Coaching Carousel that's gone on the local college ranks.It was done before the news of Dennis Erickson to Utah broke, but it was interesting to go through and discuss the inbred coaching ties that entangle the three universities.Also we went through Utah's 2013 SEC-like (in the sense they don't leave the state for 8 weeks) schedule.

  • Red, Blue And Pigcast: Super Bowl Sunday


    In recent months we've celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  We rang in a New Year.  Heck we've even celebrated my birth.  But now it's time to celebrate the only national holiday that matters: Super Bowl, and what better way to celebrate than with a Super Bowl Centric PigCast!Joey, Pete and I take a look at this battle of brothers, and break down matchups for the Harbowl.  We also examine the places of Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, and return to the Colin Kaepernick conversation.We also make our picks for the Super Bowl winners, as well as some of the dumb prop bets Vegas has available.Agree or disagree with any of our picks or thoughts?  Leave a comment or email [email protected] and share your thoughts, or to just reminisce about the season that was as we prepare for the long, cold offseason.  Afterall, after Sunday, there's no competitive football for more than 6 months.

  • Red, Blue And Pigskin: The Pigcast?


    The end of the season, mainly needing a colossal blunder in Colorado kicking to Reggie Dunn to avoid a second loss in two seasons to the Buffs, was just too painful to write about, so I delayed it and included it in this podcast.In this edition of the Red, Blue And Pigcast, we begin to say goodbye to College and ramp up our excitement for the people who get paid (above the table) to play this game we love.But first, a little postmortem on the Utes season, including how we are going to miss Star Lotulelei absolutely dominating guys like Khaled Holmes, and a brief preview of the Poinsettia Bowl.Next I am joined by both the host, and guest host of Trek West 5, (You guys can debate which is which), as Peter, Joey and I discuss the current state of the NFL, Harbaugh hurting concussions, a great two years of drafts, and why Jim Schwartz is a jerk.Please give a listen, and interact via comments or email.The tentative recording schedule between now and the beginning of next season will be as follows. &

  • Red, Blue And Pigskin: The Jinxcast


    Sorry this was so delayed, but please enjoy the third quarter podcast here.The last time we did a podcast, we finished a mere hour before the Utah State game in which Utes lost, Wynn was forced to retire, and Wolfman and Eric Rowe both ended up missing some time.Now I'm thinking that wasn't a fluke, as once again we do a podcast and multiple jinxes come to be.  Utes get embarrassed in Seattle, and then later lose out on Bowl Eligibility,  BYU ended up laying an egg against SJSU, we help the '72 Dolphins pop the champagne cork, Joey jinxed the crap out of Big Ben and the Steelers, twice, and I'm not sure if we jinxed the Rams or Jinxed the Niners.  Was that a double jinx, or do they cancel each other out?When not jinxing plenty of talk about the first three quarters of the season and the tough road to hoe.  This edition though has some extra reading that goes along with it, that I highly recommend:New York Times writeup of Jordan Wynn.Why the NFL needs Chip Kelly, or Why you should root for

  • Red, Blue And Pigskin: The Holy War Podcast


    The 2nd episode of the podcast is now available.Download it here.   We are currently working on some issues with iTunes, since they've changed their server requirements recently.<strong>Errata</strong>This is what happens when timing requires you to record a podcast before all events are completed.  Shortly after completion of the podcast, the Utes got trampled by the Aggies, and in the process, Jordan Wynn suffered a career ending injury.  This is all addressed in this week's article.Also I made the complete brain fart of thinking Reggie Dunn had graduated.As usual reader/listener interaction is encouraged.  Please leave comments with feedback, suggestions, or anything else.

  • Red, Blue And Pigskin: Podcast Edition


    This year Red, Blue And Pigskin is breaking out.  I present to you episode 1 of the RB&P Podcast.  This will be a supplement to the weekly edition.  Please give it a read and leave feedback. Episode, The Deuce: Holy War Edition will be recording most likely September 7.  Please leave any comments, or reader participation prior to then, either here on the blog or via email at [email protected]