Jo Graham will be guided by wrestling expert and host of the Attitude Era Podcast, Kefin Mahon, as they explore the weird and wonderful world of wrestling. Looking at the horrible history and bizarre backstories of world famous and more current champions such as The Undertaker, John Cena, Steve Austin and wrestling itself.


  • #How2Batista

    22/02/2024 Duração: 03h38min

    The Animal who became a megastar in Hollywood and beyond, this episode we learn all about BATISTA!

  • #How2Cool

    31/01/2024 Duração: 02h50min

    This episode is too much, too sexy, too hot and probably too cool!

  • Chris Benoit

    14/12/2023 Duração: 02h55min

    This episode is about the difficult story of Chris Benoit, a man who murdered his family.

  • #How2KennyOmega

    06/11/2023 Duração: 03h43min

    A man who had travelled the world and back as he attempted to show his vision of what wrestling could be, we learn about the incredible journey of KENNY OMEGA

  • #How2Vader

    27/09/2023 Duração: 03h56min

    A man who redefined the term 'big in japan' for wrestling, Kefin and Jo uncover a treasure trove of intrigue about the legend of the man they call... VADER

  • #How2TommyDreamer

    23/08/2023 Duração: 03h41min

    He's been called the innovator of violence and the heart and soul of ECW, but where does Tommy Dreamer's legacy now lie in professional wrestling? Match List -Tommy Dreamer vs Raven in a Loser Leaves Town Match @ Wrestlepalooza, ECW (1997) -Tommy Dreamer vs Rob Van Dam for the Hardcore Belt/Intercontinental Belt title unification @ Raw (2002) -Tommy Dreamer vs Christian for the ECW Championship @ WWECW (August 4th 2009) -Tommy Dreamer vs AJ Styles @ Sacrifice, TNA (2011)

  • #How2Doink

    24/07/2023 Duração: 02h48min

    Making kids cry? What does that get you? Kefin and Jo delve into the life, times and infinite universe that is DOINK THE CLOWN

  • #How2Madusa

    12/06/2023 Duração: 03h08min

    Explore the captivating journey of Madusa as we dive deep into her groundbreaking career and trailblazing impact on women’s wrestling!

  • #How2Ryback

    14/04/2023 Duração: 03h25min

    He's stolen our artwork but will Ryback steal our hearts?

  • #How2BobbyLashley

    18/03/2023 Duração: 03h18min

    He may be one of wrestling's most accomplished athletes but more importantly, he's one of Jo's inexplicable favs! We dive deep into the career of THE ALMIGHTY!

  • #How2NitroGirls

    20/01/2023 Duração: 02h43min

    Kefin and Jo dance their way through the wild and unlikely story of WCW's premiere dance troupe!

  • #How2JR

    18/11/2022 Duração: 03h02min

    Kefin and Jo look at a man whose voice is synonymous with wrestling and detail his struggles and triumphs both behind and in front of the camera!

  • #PPVClassique - The World Bodybuilding Federation 1992

    27/10/2022 Duração: 02h13min

    Get a free taste of #PPVClassique with our World Bodybuilding Federation review! Support the show and access the whole series as well as over 100 modern PPV episodes, Rhodes to the Top, The The Big Show Show Show and more for just $5 a month!

  • #How2HBK Part 2

    07/10/2022 Duração: 03h15min

    Kefin and Jo learn about Shawn Michaels' triumphant return to wrestling and the impact of his career!

  • #How2HBK - Part One

    31/08/2022 Duração: 03h52min

    He's been called an icon, the headliner and the main event and also found himself a lightning rod for controversy throughout the 90s! Kefin and Jo learn all about the first part of Shawn Michaels' legendary career.

  • #How2Sabu

    22/07/2022 Duração: 03h34min

    A man whose innovations in wrestling are as numerous as his scars, Kefin and Jo learn about the dangerous and captivating career of the one and only SABU

  • #How2JBL

    17/06/2022 Duração: 03h02min

    Kefin and Jo learn all about the rich texan who has gained notoriety as a villain both in and out of the ring!

  • #How2Rikishi

    20/04/2022 Duração: 03h11min

    It's time to back it up, do the right thing and pay homage to one of the most dynamic big men in the history of wrestling!

  • #How2EddieGuerrero

    21/02/2022 Duração: 03h01min

    One of the most influential and unique wrestlers of all time, Kefin and Jo finally learn about the career and legacy of Eddie Guerrero!

  • #How2AndyKaufman

    21/01/2022 Duração: 02h08min

    A Hollywood star, a genre bending comedian and the first world Intergender Wrestling Champion, Kefin and Jo learn about the life and wrestling times of Andy Kaufman!

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