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  • Breaking Bad, Blow Lines, and Being Funny


    Tonight, the boys sit down to discuss their writing process, what it means to be funny, and why it's hard to listen to yourself recorded. You know, after we take a detour through The Matrix "Trilogy." Yes, we said "Trilogy."Episode 9: Breaking Bad, Blow Lines, and Being FunnySubscribe with RSS/Podcatcher!Subscribe in iTunes!Read more »As always, thanks. For listening.

  • Insert Joke About Alanis Morissette Here


    Ed asks a simple question and gets a simple answer. Will we ever get past all this cynical, ironic, post-post-modernism in comedy and pop culture?Episode 8: Insert Joke About Alanis Morissette HereSubscribe with RSS/Podcatcher!Subscribe in iTunes!Minisode!There's been this obvious trend over the last few (dozen?) years. Everything is ironic, nothing is sincere. Everything is cynical, nothing is earnest. Why is that? Does it mean something? Are we poised for a swing back into a more innocent, laugh-track based culture? Probably not, but it's fun to talk about anyway, right?Anyway, no homework!P.S:That song is called Come Down, by the Pillows. It's off of the first soundtrack to FLCL. Sorry, we didn't see a download link.As always, thanks. For listening.

  • Laughter, Late-Night, and Learning Your Voice


    The boys sits down to discuss late night television, finding one's performance persona, and various other comedy related stuff. Also, something about Tom Jones & the film Unbreakable for some reason.Episode 7: Laughter, Late-Night, and Learning Your VoiceSubscribe with RSS/Podcatcher!Subscribe in iTunes!So, yeah, we kind of cheated with this title. Sorry.The three of us are performers. Chris and Charlie do comedy, improv and stand-up; Ed is in a band and hosts an open mic. So, we spend a lot of time thinking about and analyzing performers. We spend most of this episode talking about how people put together their acts and find their niche, then what the end game is for someone with a career in comedy.Read more »As always, thanks. For listening.

  • Robin, Religion, and Riots


    Episode #2: Robin, Religion, and RiotsSubscribe in iTunes!Subscribe in RSS/Podcatcher! This week, we try to talk about the death of Robin Williams, but get sidetracked by conversations on comedy, film, religion, and the poor plight of Mike Brown. This conversation actually lasted over three hours and, as a result, will be uploaded in parts. (Don't worry, the next part isn't quite as heavy as this one.) It also serves as a segue way/introduction to the topics we will be discussing over the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy. Also, there are no Liner Links this week, so no homework!As always, thanks. For listening.

  • Girls, Guys, and Gender Inequality


    Today, we sit down to discuss the some of the ways gender inequality affects life in the States and abroad.Episode 6: Girls, Guys, and Gender InequalitySubscribe with RSS/Podcatcher!Subscribe in iTunes!Chris brought to our attention the book The Underground Girls of Kabul, which details the Afgan practice of raising daughters as sons until they reach puberty. At that point they must begin to act, think, and function in society as women. It amounts to an externally enforced transgenderism that, we presume, must play havoc on the psychological and emotional states of these women. This is not a matter to take lightly, so we move on to discuss gender inequality in a few other arenas. Predictably, we veer off topic a bit.Read more »As always, thanks. For listening.

  • Guests, Greatness, and Guilty Pleasures


    Today we sit down to discuss the exceptions that prove the rule of our amazing tastes. Ed loves both the Speed Racer and Josie & The Pussycats movies, and he wanted to find out what movies (et. al) the other guys like, despite the public opinion that they're shitty.Episode 5: Guests, Greatness, and Guilty PleasuresSubscribe in RSS/Podcatcher!Subscribe in iTunes!After two straight weeks of religious talk (with a third episode still to come), we decided to dial it back a bit and go with a less intense subject. After the small talk and pleasantries, we sit down to discuss something of the utmost importance: are movies bad just because someone else decided they were? Is Ed really that bizarre because he loves Speed Racer? Has Chris lost his mind because he doesn't see why Bram Stoker's Dracula currently has a 79% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes? Can James be forgiven for enjoying the Ang Lee's Hulk? Read more »As always, thanks. For listening.

  • Morals, Mores, and Morale


    Episode #4.1: Morals, Mores, and MoraleChris and Ed continue to discuss relion, it's implications, and our feelings towards such institutions.Subscribe in iTunes!Subscribe in RSS/Podcatcher!This is the second part of our four-hour discussion on religion. This one has a greater focus on the interaction between members of the same faction, as we tackle the way religious leaders communicate their faiths. There's also talk of morality, its origins, and why religion can be good (if not necessary) for some people. As always, we're not experts, but we try to speak clearly and honestly about the way we see the world and how people manifest their ideas and ideals. So, while Ed speaks as though his statements are fact, take them with a grain of salt. If there are any concerns or comments, please feel free to leave them below or email us.Read more »As always, thanks. For listening.

  • Reality, Redtape, and Robin (Again)


    Episode #3: Reality, Red tape, and Robin (Again)Subscribe in iTunes!Subscribe in RSS/Podcatcher!This is the second part of the three hour discussion that we started off last episode with and it's pretty much all comics and comic related stuff in this one. We talk about path of superhero movies as they relate to the source material, why Wonder Woman might be a leading weapon when it comes to equality in film, why people should stop holding comic adaptations to their own imaginary standards, and why DC and Marvel can't stop with the crises.Admittedly, there's a lot we mentioned but didn't get through, like the way women are being treated in the industry, the fact that not all comic books are superhero books, and adaptations of comic books outside of just film and television. Fortunately, It looks like we're gonna be here for a long time, so we'll have time to tackle some of that other stuff.Read more »As always, thanks. For listening.

  • Hell, Heaven, and Heathens


    Episode #4: Hell, Heaven, and HeathensSubscribe in RSS/Podcatcher!Subscribe in iTunes!I bet you took a look at that file size or the track time and thought, "Wow, this one's kinda short."Wrong.This is Part One of the 4.5 hour long discussion we had on religion and various related topics. Ironically (or not), it became more of a discussion of some of the problems non-religious people have with the concept. We start off by discussing what our personal beliefs are and just go on from there. We try to explain our hangups in a clear, respectful way, lacking condescension. If we fail, let us know in the comments or email us. Likewise, if we're wrong. It's all about having the conversation.Read more »As always, thanks. For listening.

  • Batman, Birthdays, and Babes


    Episode #1: Batman, Birthdays, and BabesSubscribe in iTunes!Subscribe in RSS/Podcatcher!In this Podcast, we talk about how to approach explanations of your sexuality; the birth, creation, and understanding of the city of Detroit (vs. Everybody); and that one creepy dude who is exactly the hero this Podcast deserves, but not the one it needs. Also, a bunch of other stuff. Probably. Welcome to the pilot episode!Liner Links (Not in order):The Batman Meme.Lucy Trailer.Lucy Trailer Parody.Dark Girls.As always, thanks. For listening.