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How the technology business is transforming the way we live and work.


  • Tech that refuses to die

    09/07/2024 Duração: 26min

    As Japan axes the use of floppy discs for official government business, presenter Chris Vallance looks at other old tech that's still in use. From magnetic tape to a clockwork interplanetary rover, he discovers some vintage tech with a future. Also in this edition of Tech Life, we test an app that uses artificial intelligence to identify objects and tells us how to recycle them. And we speak to an expert conserving rhinos in South Africa with the help of nuclear technology.Presenter: Chris Vallance Producer: Tom Quinn(Photo: A hand loads a floppy disc into a disc drive. Credit: Stockbyte/Getty Images)

  • If we could talk to the animals

    02/07/2024 Duração: 26min

    We hear from Peter Gabriel, who is endorsing a competition to find a way of decoding animal communications using AI and then talk back to them. We get more details of the challenge from the chair of the prize, Prof Yossi Yovel. Microplastics in our seas and drinking water is a real problem. Two teenage students from Texas have found an innovative way to get rid of the stuff using ultrasound. If you have not heard about the Global Digital Compact, we speak to someone who says you need to know about it. And a traditional Indian instrument gets an electronic makeover.Presenter: Chris Vallance Producer: Tom Quinn(Photo: Musician Peter Gabriel performing in New York. Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

  • Detecting cancer using artificial intelligence

    25/06/2024 Duração: 26min

    Experts develop a new blood test that could change the way suspected cases of bowel cancer are managed. At the heart of it is A.I. analysis to calculate a patient's cancer risk. We speak to the team behind the PinPoint Test. Also on Tech Life this week, period trackers and your personal data - find out how one app is promising to keep your information safe. Drones are being used to make childbirth safer in Rwanda. And listen to the aerospace students who have developed a new way to move satellites around in space.Presenter: Shiona McCallum Producer: Tom Quinn(Image: A photo of a lab technician holding a blood sample. Credit: Jacob Wackerhausen/Getty Images)

  • Bionic arms and robotic thumbs

    18/06/2024 Duração: 26min

    Presenter Shiona McCallum is joined by technology reporter Paul Carter to look at some of the latest developments in artificial limb tech. Paul talks about his own personal experiences of trying out different prosthetics. Shiona interviews the youngest boy in the world to be fitted with a bionic arm, and his mum. Sierra Leone benefits from a prosthetics project. And would you want an extra robotic thumb ?Presenters: Shiona McCallum with Paul Carter Producer: Tom Quinn(Image: A photo of presenter Shiona McCallum in the Tech Life studio with technology reporter Paul Carter. Credit: BBC)

  • Helping our animal friends

    11/06/2024 Duração: 26min

    Lab testing of animals is often used to study diseases, or assess the safety of new drugs or substances before they are trialled on humans. Could A.I. provide a solution ? Also in this edition of Tech Life, woof woof! Can artificial intelligence help us interpret the meaning of dog barks ? And Michael Kaloki reports from Kenya on tech being used by dairy farmers to help them look after their herds.Presenter: Shiona McCallum Producer: Tom Quinn(Image: Portrait photo of a beagle dog. Credit: Getty Images)

  • Dating a chatbot

    04/06/2024 Duração: 26min

    What is it like to have an AI boyfriend? We hear about women in China who prefer to date a chatbot over a real person. How can tech be used to unlock the potential of crops - and help with food shortages? And we meet the fashion designer who hopes to fool facial recognition technology with her clothes.Presenter: Shiona McCallum Producers: Tom Quinn and Imran Rahman-Jones(Image: A woman looking at her phone which has hearts coming out of it. Credit: Getty Images)

  • Being watched

    28/05/2024 Duração: 26min

    There are words of warning about facial recognition, biometrics and artificial intelligence - technologies increasingly being adopted by law enforcement worldwide. Also on Tech Life this week, we learn about an African company offering a local alternative to the big electric vehicle manufacturers. Basketball gets into tech. And why we need tech to identify and map where our rubbish goes.Presenter: Shiona McCallum Producer: Tom Quinn(Photo: An illustration of facial recognition on the face of a woman. Credit: Francesco Carta fotografo/Getty Images)

  • Tackling online abuse of athletes

    21/05/2024 Duração: 26min

    Ahead of the Paris Olympics, Alasdair Keane hears how the organisation behind the event is enlisting an AI platform to tackle online abuse aimed at athletes competing in the event. Also in this episode Shiona McCallum meets the next generation of game designers and we find out about a project in Rwanda to improve the fit of prosthetic limbs.Image: Paris 2024 Olympic Games logo is displayed near the Eiffel Tower (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

  • Help for cancer patients

    14/05/2024 Duração: 26min

    Blood tests are part of the process of receiving cancer treatment. But they can be time-consuming and require visits to hospital. A new blood test machine is changing this. The Liberty is a small device that allows patients to take blood tests and upload the results from home without supervision. Lynn Thompson took part in the trial, and she tells Tech Life it's made a huge difference to her life. Also this week, we answer a listener's question about smart glasses. We learn about a project, involving electrolysers and hydrogen cooking stoves, which could improve the health of villagers in rural Nepal. And cutting down on e-waste - we speak to Tech for Troops.Presenter: Shiona McCallum Producer: Tom Quinn(Photo: A still photo of Lynn Thompson with the Liberty blood test device. Credit: BBC)

  • The mammoth ivory problem

    07/05/2024 Duração: 26min

    Customs officers looking for illegally traded elephant ivory face a challenge, because ivory taken from the remains of mammoths is legal. Telling the two apart isn't easy. Now researchers have come up with a new technique using lasers that promises to make ivory identification easier. We speak to two experts involved in the project. Also on Tech Life this week, "The chatbot will see you now". People are more willing to discuss personal health matters with artificial intelligence than real medics. Hear about a community-based solution to the problem of e-waste. And how do you detect crumbling concrete in buildings ? Shiona McCallum reports on a tech solution.Presenter: Chris Vallance Producer: Tom Quinn(Photo: An illustration of a woolly mammoth. Credit: Leonello Calvetti/Science Photo Library/Getty Images)

  • TikTok world

    30/04/2024 Duração: 26min

    This week we're taking a global look at TikTok, and some of the problems the video sharing platform has been facing. Also on Tech Life, you want to keep in touch with your child, but is there an alternative to giving them a smartphone ? We hear from video gamers in South Africa. And a female tech boss from Brazil shares advice on how others can follow her success.Presenter: Shiona McCallum Producer: Tom Quinn(Photo: The TikTok logo on a mobile phone screen. Credit: Chesnot/Getty Images)

  • Humanoid robots

    23/04/2024 Duração: 26min

    We're looking at humanoid robots - the ones that look like us. They have arms and legs. But are they really that practical and useful ? And how might they develop in the future ? Also in this edition of Tech Life, you've heard of charging points for electric cars and bikes ? Well, next it's plug-in points for cruise ships ! We learn about Bitcoin halving. And tech is helping farmers in Ghana to grow more crops.Presenter: Zoe Kleinman Producer: Tom Quinn(Photo: An image of Atlas, the Boston Dynamics robot. Credit: Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg via Getty Images, and Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)

  • Fixing undersea cables

    16/04/2024 Duração: 26min

    We dive the ocean depths to find out how you fix undersea cables that keep us online. Also this week, the documentary that's programmed to have fifty two quintillion different versions. If you're planning to watch all of them you'll possibly need a coffee, so we look at the tech behind coffee bean roasters. And how do you enrich the tech lives of lemurs and parrots ? We speak to an expert.Presenter: Chris Vallance Producer: Tom Quinn(Photo: Illustration of a submarine communications cable. Credit: Christoph Burgstedt/Getty)

  • Space junk

    09/04/2024 Duração: 26min

    This week on Tech Life we are looking at the problem of space junk, the man-made debris hurtling around our planet. Could it threaten some of the everyday tech we all rely on?Also this week, don't you just hate it when stuff doesn't work? Are internet and social media outages becoming more frequent ? A doctor in Argentina has created a video game to help calm the nerves of children facing a hospital operation. And what weighs three tonnes and is the size of a mini-van ? It's the world's largest digital camera.Presenter: Chris Vallance Producer: Tom Quinn(Photo: A NASA illustration of space debris around Earth. Credit: Nasa/Getty)

  • Predicting the future of tech

    02/04/2024 Duração: 26min

    The internet plays an important role in most of our lives today. What will it, and other tech, look like in the future ? We take a long view with a veteran of the tech industry. Also on Tech Life this week, some of the biggest social media platforms have been accused of obstructing information on abortion and reproductive healthcare in developing countries. And health tech helps to combat child malnutrition in Africa.Presenter: Shiona McCallum Producer: Tom Quinn(Photo: A photo of a computer taken in 1982. Credit: BBC)

  • Charging electric bikes and scooters

    26/03/2024 Duração: 27min

    Electric bikes and scooters are popular. But charging them can be inconvenient, and occasionally risky. We look at various approaches to charging batteries around the world. Also this week, our reporter Marc Cieslak meets schoolchildren involved in a project to introduce them to artificial intelligence and programming through skills acquired playing chess. And we try out the next generation of Bluetooth connectivity.Presenter: Zoe Kleinman Producers: Alasdair Keane and Tom Quinn(Photo: Charging an electric bike. Credit: Henglein and Steets/Getty Images)

  • Tech Life meets Spot the robot

    19/03/2024 Duração: 26min

    There are hundreds of former nuclear reactors around the world, which are harmful for those trying to decommission them. That's where a four legged robot called Spot comes in and Tech Life have been to meet it. Also in this episode; the impact of auto-correct constantly misspelling names and how scientists are using AI and tourist boats to learn more about whales.Presenter: Shiona McCallum Producer: Alasdair Keane(Picture: Spot the robot at a decommissioned nuclear plant /BBC)

  • Mobile phones

    12/03/2024 Duração: 27min

    What do you look for when buying a mobile phone? And what do you do with your old phone? Have you thought about trading it in and recycling? Your needs might vary, depending upon where in the world you live. We explore the options. Also this week, find out about the digital repatriation of historical artefacts.(Photo: A pile of mobile phones. Credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images)

  • Exploring space

    05/03/2024 Duração: 27min

    Zoe Kleinman visits a satellite earth station from the era of the first moon landings, and a spaceport developing horizontal rocket launches. Find out how tech is being used to communicate deep into space, and launch rockets from jet planes. Also on Tech Life, cyborg jellyfish could soon be swimming the ocean depths, providing valuable data to scientists. And an AI-generated internet radio station keeps you up to date with non-news.PHOTO: Zoe Kleinman at Goonhilly Earth Station. Credit: BBC.

  • Tech Life in Barcelona

    27/02/2024 Duração: 27min

    MWC in Barcelona is a big global mobile phone industry event. Shiona McCallum is there for Tech Life, looking out for new tech and innovations which could impact our lives. This year, wearable tech is attracting alot of attention. Also in this edition, we want to know your top tips for fixing tech problems.(Photo: A poster for MWC in Barcelona event. Credit: BBC)

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