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Learn how to attract women, escape the friendzone and get a girlfriend. It's time to get your ex girlfriend back


  • How to Get Your Boyfriend Back


    How to Get Your Boyfriend Back If you have recently ended the relationship with the man of your dreams, you may be asking, how do you get your boyfriend back? Relationships are difficult to maintain, but many couples have been able to work through their […]Click here to play

  • Get Your Ex Back in 5 Easy Steps


    Get Your Ex Back You met someone, felt a mutual attraction and the relationship took off. Life was wonderful for awhile. Now you find yourself wondering what went wrong. Despite all the drama, you still care about your ex and want to restore the relationship. […]Click here to play

  • How to Ruin a First Date


    It’s amazing how often I see women make mistakes that can kill a date before it even gets started.  You are out to have a good time and you want to be yourself, but there is some information you just want to save for later […]Click here to play

  • Get Laid for Halloween


    Halloween is my favorite holiday for so many reasons. And one of the greatest reasons is that all hot women use it as an excuse to dress slutty. Every girl is a slutty cat, a slutty witch, or a slutty cheerleader. And I gotta say […]Click here to play

  • What if she has a boyfriend?


    I finished a photo shoot for my new book with a stunning model on Thurdsay.  After the shoot I sat down and interviewed her for about 20 minutes about what she saw me teaching and how it is being a stunning girl.  If she isn’t […]Click here to play

  • My Acolyte Pulls of his first Threesome


    So one of my recent guys and I have been hanging out a ton lately. There is nothing I enjoy more than hanging out with a student that I have turned into a badass wing and friend. Of course this is a story of a […]Click here to play

  • A Chicken in New York


    A few weeks ago I was up in NYC teaching a seminar which went AWESOME. It’s going to be the basis for my new DVD – The Warrior Within which I will be releasing in the next few weeks. After the seminar I took out […]Click here to play

  • Hunting Alone


    There are 5 reasons why every pickup artist should go to a bar alone to meet women. Hunting in packs is a classic mistake and it’s time for you to learn to avoid such a lame mistake. There is a reason that we all think […]Click here to play

  • Anything is Possible


    I’m always looking for ways to push past my limits and improve myself in new areas. This is what separates me from 99% of the population. Most people are, unfortunately, stagnating. This is the way I live a lot of my life for a long […]Click here to play

  • Boundaries


    Two weeks my mom was in the hospital for what we thought was a stroke.  She was really far away visiting one of my sisters, so I was feeling kinda down.  I called the two giants to come console me over a few cocktails that […]Click here to play