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James Altucher is a successful entrepreneur, investor, board member, and the writer of 11 books including the recent WSJ Bestseller, "Choose Yourself!" (foreword by Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter).He has started and sold several companies for eight figure exits. He's on the board of a billion revenue company, has written for The Financial Times, The New York Observer, and over a dozen popular websites for the past 15 years. He's run several hedge funds, venture capital funds, and is a successful angel investor in technology, energy, and biotech.He has also lost all his money, made it back, lost it, made it back several times and openly discusses how he did it in his columns and books.


  • A 'Choose Yourself' Way to Become an Artist | Chase Jarvis

    07/12/2023 Duração: 01h24min

    “If this idea… the idea of overcoming one fear a day scares you, then keep reading.”I wrote this line three years ago.I was doing a photo challenge. I asked Chase Jarvis, one of the best photographers in the world and the founder of Creative Live, “What should I do?”I wanted to know how to take a good photo.He asked me what I liked.I said, “Sad people.”So he told me to shoot through the lens of “connection.” So I went inside. And looked for my inner compass.I went to eat.Then I saw the man. He was a balding guy in his 60s waiting to be served. He told me he just arrived after a 17-hour trip from Italy. He said, "I am tired."And I shot him.I shot him before my daughter left for college. Before I became a stepdad. Before stand-up comedy. Before Trump. Before #metoo. Before phone addiction (sort of). Before a lot of things.“That photograph is evidence,” Chase said. “It’s evidence that we’re all creative… Wildy.”But not everyone believes that.Because they’ve blocked it for too many years.But you can get it back.C

  • The Secret to Overcoming Impossible Odds | Mike Massimino

    05/12/2023 Duração: 56min

    One of our favorite guests, former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino, has authored a new book titled "Moonshot: A NASA Astronaut’s Guide to Achieving the Impossible" and is back to talk all about it. "Moonshot," a follow-up to his bestselling memoir, offers an insightful look into the mindset required to overcome challenges and achieve ambitious goals. Massimino distills his experiences and lessons learned at NASA into an actionable guide designed to help readers accomplish their biggest goals. He emphasizes the importance of perseverance, leadership, problem-solving, and adapting to change. In today's interview, the pair discuss some of James' favorite stories from the book and talk about some of the  ten key lessons that Massimino has gleaned from his career in spaceflight and other life experiences. These lessons include principles like "One in a Million Is Not Zero," encouraging readers to pursue their goals despite the odds, and "The Thirty-Second Rule," which focuses on learning from mistakes.James and Mike

  • Mastering the 48 Laws of Power | Robert Greene

    30/11/2023 Duração: 01h19min

    James welcomes renowned author Robert Greene back on the show to discuss the intricacies of power, strategy, and human nature, as explored in Greene's bestselling book, "The 48 Laws of Power." The episode kicks off with James sharing his journey to reclaim his old chess ranking, a challenge that's not only about the game but also about rediscovering and harnessing personal strengths and strategies. This journey has inspired James to pen a book, and the conversation naturally flows into the writing process and the lessons learned from such endeavors.The spotlight then turns to the special 25th Anniversary edition of "The 48 Laws of Power." James and Robert discuss the significance of a book's packaging, emphasizing how the design and presentation of a book can frame the story within, creating an immersive experience for the reader. This new edition is not just a repackaging but a celebration of the book's timeless lessons. As they explore the content, Robert explains his unique approach to writing, focusing on

  • How To Get Anyone To Fall In Love With You

    28/11/2023 Duração: 59min

    Today, James is joined by Robyn and Jay the Engineer to talk about romantic and business relationships. They share personal stories of moving from friends to being in love and discuss how intimacy works in different kinds of relationships, including those at work and in the community. A key focus of our discussion is the intriguing idea of moving from the 'friend zone' to deeper, more meaningful connections. We delve into the importance of sustained, escalating, reciprocal, and personal self-disclosure in building intimacy. This exploration is anchored by insights from the research paper "The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness," which sheds light on the patterns essential for developing close relationships.  Below is the full list of 36 questions for "closeness-generating", taken from the paper:1. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest? 2. Would you like to be famous? In what way? 3. Before making a telephone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going

  • How To Make the Best Sports Bets | David Beaudoin (aka Professor MJ)

    25/11/2023 Duração: 40min

    20 years ago, I used to make a living by statistically analyzing the behavior of stocks. I would make a trade when my statistics would show I would have a certain advantage in different types of trades. The system worked for a really long time, and eventually, I created a career out of this.Imagine if you could do things like this with sports, which is a much more inefficient market.This is what David Beaudoin - better known as "Professor MJ" - has been doing for 20 years: using statistics to analyze sports bets…and he's never had a losing year.Several years ago, he retired from being a statistics professor and dedicated his time to beating the sports books and he also shares his picks!Here's how he does it and how his life has changed by doing it.Smart sports betting – Professor MJ - Sports InvestorMJ PicksProfessor MJ on YouTube-----------What do YOU think of the show? Head to and fill out a short survey that will help us better tailor the podcast to our audience!Are you inte

  • How to Build Wealth Buying Boring Businesses | Codie Sanchez

    21/11/2023 Duração: 01h18min

    Everybody wondering how to build wealth should listen to this episode with Codie Sanchez. Codie is a mastermind in turning 'boring' businesses into profitable ventures. She explains the allure of investing in everyday businesses like laundromats and car washes, showcasing how these often-overlooked opportunities can be lucrative. She also reveals her top strategy for increasing sales in small businesses, a hack that has proven pivotal in her success.We then shift to Codie's unique acquisition technique, a method influenced by Amazon's business strategies. She provides valuable insights into this approach, demonstrating how it can be applied to various business models for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, Codie shares her perspective on the burgeoning legal cannabis market, offering her thoughts on its current state and future potential.In the final segment of today's episode, Codie and James discuss her "Contrarian Thinking" course and newsletter, which embody the essence of challenging conventional wisdom

  • How to Have a Super Brain | Jim Kwik

    16/11/2023 Duração: 01h27min

    Jim Kwik is my brain guru. He literally has superpowers. After a childhood injury gave him some brain damage, he became dedicated to turning his brain into a super machine, exercising his brain until he could use it to as full a capacity as possible:Super Memory Speed ReadingWhat it takes to keep building his neuroplasticity, so we keep learning things quickly and on and on.The results can be found in his excellent book:Limitless came out 10 years ago and sold millions of copies, but now he has an expanded edition with a lot more information, a lot more stories, and a lot more useful advice based on research and his own practices in the past few years. Jim also has an online academy for all this, and he's even gone out to Hollywood to teach actors including the stars of the X-Men movie franchise (which he talks about on the podcast)!We welcome Jim back again to celebrate the Limitless Expanded Edition, to discuss its contents, and to help James improve his brain.-----------What do YOU think of the show? Head

  • The Billion-Dollar Blueprint | Brad Jacobs

    14/11/2023 Duração: 01h01min

    I bet you always wanted to know how to make a few billion dollars.Well, I wanted to know too, so I read the book “How to Make a Few Billion Dollars” by Brad Jacobs.But, I had questions...Luckily for us, Brad agreed to come on the show!  Brad has founded seven companies―all billion-dollar or multi-billion-dollar corporations―completed approximately 500 M&A transactions, and raised $30 billion of debt and equity capital through private and public offerings, including three IPOs. He began his career at age 23 when he founded Amerex Oil Associates, followed by Hamilton Resources, both privately held. He subsequently created five publicly traded companies―United Waste Systems, United Rentals, XPO, and XPO’s two spin-offs, GXO Logistics and RXO.I asked my questions, some related to making billions of dollars, but also stuff that had completely nothing to do with it. Although...maybe it *does* have something to do with making billions of dollars after all...-----------What do YOU think of the show? Head to James

  • How to Find Out if Your Idea is Good | Merrick Furst

    09/11/2023 Duração: 02h23min

    James invites Merrick Furst, an influential figure in his academic past and a beacon in the world of innovation, to discuss the intricacies of "authentic demand" as outlined in Furst's latest book, "The Heart of Innovation: A Field Guide for Navigating to Authentic Demand." Together, they venture into the exploration of how one can identify and validate the true potential behind an idea.Throughout the episode, the duo examines the nature of "authentic demand" – the genuine need or desire for a product or service in the market. They pose and address pivotal questions: Can you accurately determine whether there's a real market need for your idea? What are the elements that people consider non-negotiable in their lives, and how do these essentials drive innovation?Drawing from his extensive experience in launching companies and nurturing ideas to fruition, Furst - along with insights from coauthors Matt Chanoff, Daniel Sabbah, and Mark Wegman -  shares his approach to evaluating ideas not just for their novelty,

  • Unimaginable Loss, Unexpected Lessons | Nick Shaw

    07/11/2023 Duração: 50min

    Nick Shaw, an executive coach who has faced the unimaginable sorrow of losing a child, joins James to discuss his profound journey and the insights he shares in his book My Teacher, My Son: Lessons on Life, Loss, and Love. This conversation is not just about coping with grief but about the transformative lessons that can emerge from it. Shaw's reflections offer a poignant look at how personal loss can inform and deepen one's approach to life and work.Shaw's narrative begins with a day that turned from idyllic to tragic, resulting in the loss of his nine-year-old son, William. In the throes of mourning, Shaw experienced a moment of revelation: his son had been his teacher all along, imparting wisdom that would carry him forward. "My Teacher, My Son" is more than Shaw's memoir—it's a guidebook for anyone grappling with the complexities of being present, letting go, and seeking connection in the wake of loss.Throughout the episode, we explore the themes of resilience, the search for meaning, and the ways in whic

  • The Secrets to Healthy Aging | Shawn Stevenson

    02/11/2023 Duração: 01h32min

    Best-selling author and host Shawn Stevenson, once a victim of a dire diagnosis of degenerative spine disease in his early twenties, faced a battle not just for mobility, but for his very life. The hidden culprit? The ultra-processed foods silently wreaking havoc on countless Americans. Shawn fervently believes that these foods are the stealthy assassins of our modern age. Yet, amidst this bleak landscape, there emerged a beacon of hope: a diet shift that Shawn credits with literally saving his life. Discussing his newest book, the "Eat Smarter Family Cookbook," Stevenson reveals how ditching these deadly foods and embracing whole, nutritious alternatives not only reversed his seemingly irreversible condition but also restored vitality to his body and soul. If you ever doubted the lethal power of processed foods or questioned the life-giving force of a truly wholesome diet, this episode will leave you both shaken and inspired. Join us for a narrative that’s as alarming as it is redemptive, and discover the di

  • The Age of Prediction | Igor Tulchinsky and Chris Mason

    31/10/2023 Duração: 58min

     The Age of Prediction is such a fascinating book! After reading it, I really do think the job people should be preparing for is “data analyst” or “predictor”, because that's going to be used in every single industry, more than prompt engineers or AI coders - because AI is going to write its own code. Being able to understand what data to look at and why and how to make use of it, whether it's the medical industry or sports or stocks or insurance or art, this is going to be such a valuable skill to have, and it's a just beginning field. The creativity there is going to be amazing.The Age of Prediction: Algorithms, AI, and the Shifting Shadows of Risk by Christopher Mason and Igor Tulchinsky is like a guidebook to what's happened, what's going to be happening, and all the different ways people use will prediction technology.Igor has a $7 billion hedge fund, which analyzes millions of pieces of data around the world to predict stocks, whether something will happen tomorrow, or an hour from now, or 10 seconds fr

  • Reacher's Legacy | A Novel Transition with Lee and Andrew Child

    26/10/2023 Duração: 51min

    James is joined by the brilliant minds behind the Jack Reacher series, Lee and Andrew Child. The conversation navigates through the evolution of the iconic series, focusing on the latest installment, 'The Secret,' and the transition of authorship from Lee to Andrew. Lee reflects on his three-decade-long journey, sharing the stage with his brother, who is set to continue the Reacher saga.Lee’s candid revelation about the importance of a personal touch in writing resonates as a central theme of the discussion. He emphasizes that a book thrives on the unique imprint of its author's imagination, a lesson that underpins his passing of the torch to Andrew. The collaborative essence and the distinct fingerprint of individual creativity on 'The Secret' are explored, setting the stage for Andrew’s solo venture into the Reacher realm.The episode encapsulates the spirit of creative freedom and the enduring allure of the Jack Reacher series, promising a fresh yet familiar journey for its avid readers as Andrew takes the

  • Bill O'Reilly | Killing the Witches

    24/10/2023 Duração: 21min

    Join James in conversation with Bill O'Reilly, exploring the dark and tumultuous period of the Salem Witch Trials as depicted in O'Reilly's newest addition to the "Killing" series, "Killing The Witches." The dialogue plunges into the chaotic world of Salem, where the accusations of young girls led to a horrific chain of events - a somber chapter of American history that saw 20 individuals executed and hundreds jailed based on dubious testimonies.The narrative takes an intriguing twist as a young Benjamin Franklin steps onto the scene. Intrigued by the unfolding hysteria, Franklin's interaction with the notorious witch hunter, Cotton Mather, leads him to a profound realization about the destructive force of unchecked religious fervor. This episode illuminates how the grim events of Salem resonated through the psyche of one of America's founding fathers, potentially influencing the ethos of a budding nation.As James and Bill dissect the intricate details, they venture beyond the surface-level horrors of the wit

  • A.J. Jacobs | Should We Have a Randomocracy?

    20/10/2023 Duração: 21min

    Round two with A.J. Jacobs and it's a trip down the democracy lane, but with a twist! A.J. throws a quirky curveball - randomocracy. It's democracy's distant cousin, the one that shows up uninvited but makes the party unforgettable. We dissect it, play around with it, and wonder, could this be a real alternative? A.J., with his Constitution-living lens, breaks down randomocracy's nuts and bolts, and I gotta say, it's tickling the brain. It’s weird, it’s fascinating, and it’s a hearty meal for thought. We're not just thinking outside the box; we're kind of tearing the box apart. And hey, I'm all ears and now I'm handing the mic to you. What do you think about stepping into a randomocracy? Tweet me @JAltucher, share the episode, and let's stir the pot.------------What do YOU think of the show? Head to and fill out a short survey that will help us better tailor the podcast to our audience!Are you interested in getting direct answers from James about your question on a podcast? Go

  • Puzzle Play | Diving into 'The Puzzler' with A.J. Jacobs

    19/10/2023 Duração: 53min

    Unleashing a realm of curiosity and amusement, this episode of the James Altucher Show welcomes the ever-inventive A.J. Jacobs, who brings along a treasure trove of puzzles from his new daily podcast, "The Puzzler". As A.J. shares the essence behind his latest venture, James steps into the playful challenge, answering sample anagrams and audio rebuses on the spot.The episode kicks off with a lively discussion about A.J.'s upcoming book on living according to the U.S. Constitution, offering a quick glimpse into his boundless exploratory spirit. Soon, the spotlight shifts to "The Puzzler," where A.J. and James immerse themselves in a playful yet insightful interaction. The fun escalates as the episode extends into two bonus segments of "The Puzzler." In the first bonus episode, "Pan in Panama", Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings - host of the "Omnibus" podcast and lots more - joins as the special guest puzzle solver.Following suit, the second bonus episode, "Moment of Zen", features writer and activist Baratunde Thu

  • How to Get Younger While Getting “Older" | Suzanne Somers

    17/10/2023 Duração: 45min

    3 years ago when Suzanne Somers came on the podcast to discuss her book A New Way to Age, I was blown away by her depth of knowledge and personal results in the field. Suzanne passed away this week, 23 years after her cancer diagnosis. Today, we're re-airing her episode about living a vibrant life._____________Suzanne Somers has sex twice a day.She’s 73.“I’m horniest on the 12th day of the month,” she said. “When there’s a full moon.”“I’ll never look at a full moon the same ever again,” I said.She laughed. And told me why she’s feeling younger… even though she’s getting older. Which she writes about in her new bestselling book, “A New Way to Age: The Most Cutting-Edge Advances in Antiaging.”Some might say “an actress” isn’t qualified to write a scientific book about aging.But that’s stupid. One: she’s human. With human problems that lead her to see real doctors. The best doctors. With cutting-edge formulas to beat aging.She told me, “I’ve beat cancer three times,” she said. And now she plans to live into her

  • Finding Your Voice with Rudy Valdez | The 'Real Good' Podcast

    13/10/2023 Duração: 01h03min

    Real Good examines current and historical barriers to equal opportunity in finance and highlights people in the non-profit and for-profit worlds who are working to remove those barriers. In candid, 60-minute conversations, host Faith Salie (CBS Sunday Morning, NPR) and U.S. Bank Chief Diversity Officer Greg Cunningham invite guests to share their work and challenge listeners to think differently about the steps needed to create opportunity for all.Today, we share an episode of the Real Good podcast with acclaimed filmmaker Rudy Valdez. Valdez entered filmmaking with a desire to find his voice. The Emmy-winning documentarian spoke with hosts Faith and Greg about the importance of diverse subjects and storytellers in film. The crew also discusses behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Rudy’s recent project Translators, and how language can improve access and break down barriers.-----------What do YOU think of the show? Head to and fill out a short survey that will help us better tailor

  • Clear Horizons | A Dialogue with Shane Parrish

    12/10/2023 Duração: 43min

    James welcomes Shane Parrish, the mind behind Farnam Street—a platform committed to enhancing decision-making and self-improvement! The focal point of their discussion is Shane's recent book, "Clear Thinking: Turning Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Results," which encapsulates the essence of making well-informed decisions amidst life’s daily challenges.Shane Parrish is the entrepreneur and wisdom seeker behind Farnam Street and the host of The Knowledge Project Podcast, where he focuses on turning timeless insights into action. Parrish’s popular online course, Decision by Design, has helped thousands of executives, leaders, and managers around the world learn the repeatable behaviors that improve results. Shane’s work has been featured in nearly every major publication, including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Clear Thinking: Turning Ordinary Moments Into Extraordinary Results.James, an admirer of Shane’s work, navigates through the

  • Deep Questions to Avoid Shallow Relationships

    10/10/2023 Duração: 46min

    James, Robyn, and Jay navigate reflective questions originally curated by Dushka Zapata, a writer known for her profound questioning and shared prominence with James on Quora. What unfolds is a contemplative discussion that offers a break from the routine; listeners should take the opportunity to ponder along and, perhaps, find resonance with their own experiences.The episode begins with a light-hearted inquiry into their Sunday afternoon routines, gradually moving on to more thought-provoking questions about past relationships, deep friendships, and trust. The spontaneous and honest responses from James, Robyn, and Jay, craft a narrative that’s both engaging and reflective, providing a space for listeners to introspect on similar facets of their own lives.-----------What do YOU think of the show? Head to and fill out a short survey that will help us better tailor the podcast to our audience!Are you interested in getting direct answers from James about your question on a podcas

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