Marked Out Wrestling Podcast

Conversation w/ B.J. Payne



Check out BT's conversation w/ OVW alum (& 6x Southern Tag Team Champion), B.J. Payne! B.J. discusses how he broke into professional wrestling, his time at OVW, D'Lo Brown, how it feels taking a shooting star press from Brock Lesnar, working with Randy Orton, John Cena, his time as a member of The Disciples of Synn, and SO much more! LINK TO OUR BELOW THE COLLAR STORE: BUY A TEESH! "KEEPERS OF THE FABE" TEE: BUY IT HERE! ________________________________________________________________ Use Discount Code: MARKEDOUT for 10% off your entire order! ________________________________________________________________ YOUTUBE: MARKED OUT WRESTLING PODCAST TWITTER: @smartmarkshow IG: @markedoutwrestling  EMAIL:  [email protected] RATE-REVIEW-SUBSCRIBE