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Stop Waiting and Take Action - 3 Reasons You're Stuck



Welcome to the NEW #CreativeAF Divine Flow Radio with MSCreativeAF. We'll be learning about the practical and material side of Spirituality and how to ground light in the body on the spiritual journey. it's not all chakras and crystals, sometimes it's planting and watering the seed. Investing in yourself and being intentional about the way you feel. This episode of #CreativeAF Divine Flow is dedicated to Taking action in your life in order to manifest the life of your dreams. We always hear people saying “speak it into existence” but what about the parking brake on your body that keeps you from taking the required action to get the thing moving? In this episode I talk about why you need to do your work and I give 3 reasons why you’re stuck.Let’s Go! Join the Cosmic Beach: the #CreativeAF Divine Flow Center: See for privacy and opt-out information.