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Power Up, Royalty! Growing Pains: Analyzing the science and spirit of the trauma response



MSCreativeAF is back in the podcasting game, and we're Powering Up Royalty! That's right, #CreativeAF Consulting is bringing the mission to develop community and self-love across the world to the podcasting arena through interviews with members of Royalty who have Powered Up! The desire is to share information and knowledge with listeners to help them to reach for their most positive vibration and their highest embodiment of success and true self-love. Our First Guest is Nelson Hawkins, Jr. Founder, 360 Institute of Higher Learning is going to help us kick off the knowledge drop with a discussion on The Science and Spirit of Trauma. Trauma and DNA? Is this a thing? Watch LIVE in the Bug Pod Prod Group on Facebook and listen in on the podcast feed. Let's Power Up, Royalty! Link with our guest here: See for privacy and opt-out information.