Gallus Girls And Wayward Women (a Herstory Of The British Isles)

Merle Oberon - Dark Angel



One of the most beautiful and enigmatic actresses of Hollywood's first century,  the words ‘dark angel’ summed up Merle’s hauntingly beautiful, exotic looks perfectly. She was, in fact, Anglo-Indian, something which back in those days would have put paid to any film career if it had been common knowledge. For most of her life, Merle claimed she was born in Australia — but the racism and snobbery of that era forced Merle to spend a lifetime hiding the fact that she was born to a poverty stricken mother of part-Anglo Indian part-Maori heritage in India. However, that wasn't the only skeleton in the closet, and despite her success and the fact she had a life most people would envy, she basically  lived her life as a lie, never able to be her true self, and hiding the truth of her background from close friends, husbands and her own children. Opening music by Stefan Kartenburg, featuring Dimitri Artmenko on strings, and it's from dig.ccMixter.  All other music used in the show is from copyright free music sites.