Gallus Girls And Wayward Women (a Herstory Of The British Isles)

Jessica Mitford: The Red Debutante



Jessica Mitford was the communist ‘red sheep’ of the aristocratic, fascist sympathising Mitford clan. Known as ‘Decca’, she was the sister of novelist Nancy, Diana (who was the wife of fascist Oswald Mosley) and Unity, who was the subject of our last episode and who was obsessed with Hitler. Her own family, no strangers to bad behaviour and controversy, regarded Jessica as the one who went too far, it was she they regarded as beyond the pale, while at the same time two of Jessica's sisters were card carrying, Jew hating, fanatical Nazis.  Opening music by Stefan Kartenburg, featuring Dimitri Artmenko on strings, and it's from dig.ccMixter.  All other music used in the show is from copyright free music sites.