Episode 10: "Eight of Swords" by S. Boyd Taylor, and "First Cause" by Sam Schreiber



Samuel Boyd Taylor has been published in such markets as Chi Zine, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, and Drabblecast. He lives in Dallas, TX, with his wife and daughter, where pursues many strange and wonderful hobbies, such as meditation, Tai Chi, and singing along as loud as he can to the Beatles' "Hello Goodbye." You can find him on twitter and facebook, and on his website at www.samuelboydtaylor.com --- Veronica Giguere is a voice-over artist and author. She is a co-author, voice talent, and producer for the "Secret World Chronicle" podcast, and she is the co-author, voice, and producer of the inner-city cyberpunk novel "Broken" with Cedric Johnson. Veronica brings characters to life in the space between your earbuds in the realms of science fiction, fantasy, romance, and horror. For more of Ms. Giguere’s work, check out voicesbyveronica.com as well as her profile on ACX.com. (Rumors exist of an alter-ego fueled by caffeine, trudging through the mire of higher education administration in pur