S2: Ep3 The Aliens Cloned Trent Darcell, Zigzag Claybourne & Oldish Woman Leaves Earth, Marcy Arlin



The Aliens Cloned Trent Darcell The clone of a mid-level pop star recounts his newly rekindled musical career to his genetic forebear, who was abducted and cloned by extraterrestrials in a strange, but beautiful romp through the rock scene. The Author: ZigZag Claybourne wishes he’d grown up with the powers of either Gary Mitchell or Charlie X but without the Kirk confrontations. His work has appeared in Apex Magazine, Strange Horizons, Stupefying Stories, Vex Mosaic, FlashShot, The Reverie Journal, and a number of anthologies. His latest novel is The Brothers Jetstream: Leviathan. More at www.WriteonRighton.com. The Actor: Nick Dawson is an actor, singer, and acoustic guitar player based in NYC. [email protected] -------- Oldish Woman Leaves Earth A play: An "oldish woman" tells the story of the last days of humans on Earth before they are evicted and become intergalactic refugees. The Author: MARCY ARLIN’s spec fiction has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, perihelionsf.com, Kaleidocast Sea