S2: Ep7: "Wall Flowers" by Lilah Wild & "Beloved Mr. Grooch" by J.M. Plumbley



Wallflowers: An upscale shop has usurped what used to be NYC's infamous Limelight nightclub. Now the ghosts of the nightclub, looking for the artistic vitality that once was, take their vengeance on a salesgirl to whom the current dictates of fashion and beauty are everything. The Author: Lilah Wild is a graduate of Clarion West and her dark fiction has appeared in venues such as Pseudopod, Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York, Niteblade, and Morbid Curiosity. Her fascinations include belly-dance dabbling, eerie synths, horror movie interior decorating, and running away to the beach. She lives in Queens amid a clamor of doom metal noodling and two cats. Visit http://www.leopardmoon.com for more info. The Actor: Jennifer Carter is an actor from Va, Ca, and Fl living and working in NYC. When not lending her voice to speculative storyscapes she can be seen on stage with many NYC theatre companies. Most recently as Dogberry in an industry reading of Turn To Flesh's new work THE MERRY WIDOWS OF WINDSOR.