S2:Ep12: "The Right to Bear Arms: Part 1," by Zak Zyz



The Right to Bear Arms A near future, near-dystopia: the narrator is an army ve| with a government issued prosthetic arm. When it starts to malfunction, he goes to a specialist who builds him and two other disfigured vets a new state of the art arm for free. The Author & Narrator Zak Zyz is a SF fantasy writer who lives in Brooklyn and fixes things for a living. When he's not writing, he hosts the Surreal Symphony, a live internet talk show with today's best and brightest speculative fiction authors where they talk about politics, genre, and all manner of riveting topics. He also hosts a late night call-in pirate radio show, and runs Strategically Correct, an awesome board game club. Zak is the author of many short stories and novels including Survival Mode, Zan & Ink, and the Master Arcanist. If you liked this story, you can support his work on Patreon or buy his books on Amazon.