Episode 30



Simon, Shane and Nathan are in Grand Tour mode for the latest episode of the Zwiftcast. They trio discuss the latest trainer from Elite, the Direto (or Dorrito as it has instantly been christened) which was launched by the Italian company at the TdF. A compatriot of Shane’s in Melbourne, Mike Boudrie, has compiled a “taxonomy of Zwifters”. He’s come up with four categories ranging from the die-hard to the denier . . . Simon talks to Mike about his fun list. The chaps move on to a light-hearted compare-and-contrast exercise on Tour TV coverage on their respective continents before considering the latest chapter in Zwift Academy winner Leah Thorvilson’s amazing story as she competes in the women’s Grand Tour, the Giro Rosa. Leah has had a tough time and the trio discuss what implications her experience may have on the next editions of the Academy scheme, with both a second women’s contest and a new men’s competition on the horizon. The first Zwift Masters racing series has just concluded and it’s won a rep