Ep 98: A Conversation with Zwift's Chief Product Officer - the man with the plan



Welcome to this Zwiftcast Special Episode, an extended interview with the company’s first Chief Product Officer. YuChiang Cheng, known to all as YC, was appointed in January and the move was hailed as “critically important” by Zwift’s CEO, Eric Min. YC was put in charge of what seemed like almost everything . . . .from game design and art, engineering, research and development through content programming and live operations, plus a bit more. It was clear that YC, whose background includes the development of the 28 million-player World Tour Golf game, was going to be hugely influential in Zwift’s continued growth and development. So what does he have planned? Was the rapid deployment of the much-requested Return To Home feature soon after YC joined a mere co-incidence or a sign of things to come? Is Zwift working on a brand new platform architecture? Will new features roll out faster? So many questions. Simon sits down with YC to see if the Zwift community can get some answers to these and lots of other q