Between Us Girls

SMART LOVE: Into The Shadow - Did You Take Action or Nah?



Yes, we're getting into how this week played out and sharing some shadow work, some cards for this current energy and chatting about how you might be blocking yourself from moving into your future by staying stuck in the past. It's now or never, your life is going to keep moving forward here in the physical whether you like it or not. You can accept what happened and join us here in 2021 or you can continue to reside in the past, locked in the shame of your shadow. Get into it. Press Play to find out what I'm working through this week and how I plan to bring it out into the light. If you need help connect with me @betweenusgirlspodcast or @creativeafconsulting intro track: @pluggonthatrackk See for privacy and opt-out information.