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SMART LOVE: Desiderata + Mindset Change



In this episode of SMART LOVE I'm sharing the truth in the Desiderata a poem that was copyrighted in 1927 by author Max Ehrmann. An Astrologer I spoke to recently let me know that this was what we all needed to be operating like in this time of great shifting. So, I went to read it and WOW, he was right. I hope that you will press play to hear the poem and stay for some of the rest of the information on how to change your mindset. It's so important for us to be using love right now, and not hate. So get into this episode of SMART LOVE and make sure that you reach out to me if you have questions, I would love to talk to you!Follow Me: @mscreativeafFollow Us: @betweenusgirlspodcast See for privacy and opt-out information.