Between Us Girls

SMART LOVE: Victimhood Vs. Living GRATITUDE



This is an interesting episode. I felt compelled when I recorded this to discuss why we need to stop living in a victim state, and I don't want to discount our experiences for being hurtful and harmful to us but there's always a message in each one. Sometimes you're walking through life ignoring the voice that's telling you which way to go and you need to fall on your face to open yourself to the possibility of something new. There's also a school of thought that believes that we set our own course and they include traumatic experiences that send us on journeys that don't always feel good to our physical self but feel like the most fun to our energetic bodies. I hope this episode resonates with someone and that you get what you need from it. I'm taking a break from releasing content to get my kiddos ready to go back to school so I will see you on the other side!!!Follow Me: @jehoshbaFollow Us: @betweenusgirlspodcastListen to the catalog: www.betweenusgirlspodcast.comGet SMART LOVE coaching: www.mscreativeaf.c