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Dream Chasers: Walk Into Purpose with Ocularel (2)



In this episode of Dream Chasers I get to talk to an amazing Spiritual Goddess who is preparing to set Houston, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans and everywhere else in this country on FIRE as WELL as moving to the Island of Jamaica, she's a natural nomad. With her passion and Clairvoyance she is doing her part to change the wave. When we had this chat it was at a time in my 2020 life in which I had finally decided to let myself be who I was without judgement.In this second installment of her interview with me we get into why we're not in our full power in most cases and we share a little about what we're using to manifest in our lives. There's levels to this shit! so let's get into it.Follow Oculaurel: @oculaurelFollow Me: @mscreativeafFollow Us: @betweenusgirlspodcastWatch: See for privacy and opt-out information.