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Dream Chasers: Into the Shadow with Chikara - 1



In this episode of Dream Chasers on Between Us Girls I get to talk to the only Hoodoo Queen I trust to take me through the dark and back. When I started my Spiritual journey I was divinely guided to a private Facebook group that would take me on what I now know to be my journey to healing. She was the first person I had encountered that talked of the importance of shadow work and looking deeply at your wounds to become whole. Her name is Chikara and I'm so honored to be able to share her and her expertise with my audience. If you've been listening to this show you know I like to ask the ladies about toxic positivity and she's someone I couldn't wait to ask that question because she met me when I was in that place, trying everything except for true healing to heal my wounds. Please don't miss this series, a wealth of knowledge is in this one. Press Play to get into episode one!!! Follow her: @thewaistedwitch Follow me: @jehosheba54Follow Us: @betweenusgirlspodcastWatch the episode: t