Between Us Girls

Dream Chasers: Brown Girls Meditate with Kim Part 1



Welcome Back to Dream Chasers on Between Us Girls!! An amazing and special guest is with us for this segment!! Kim Fisher of Brown Girls Meditate is bringing her truth to the platform. So honored to be able to host such incredible Queens and to do this work. In this episode we are sharing our experience and understanding of spirituality and meditation, and how we got here. I've just started using The Brown Girls Meditate 30 day guide which can be purchased here:'ll be documenting the journey here: beginning on Sunday 11/15/2020 Watch the episode here, I'm finally using the video--thank you for your grace: BGM: @browngirlsmeditateFollow Me: @jehosheba54Follow Us: @betweenusgirlspodcastIntro Track: @ crownwavemusic See for privacy and opt-out information.