Between Us Girls

Dream Chasers: Brown Girls Meditate with Kim Part 2



In this second installment of Dream Chasers: Brown Girls Meditate, I think I do most of the talking to share some MORE of my shadow work and trauma as well as how I first discovered that I was Psychic and bringing information from the Cosmos for the people. Kim shares about her work to manifest her “Lion” and we are both amazed at how accurate her petition was to The Universe for her sweet husband. Don’t miss this one, tune in now!!! Don’t forget to pick up a meditation journal at the link below. I've just started using The Brown Girls Meditate 30 day guide which can be purchased here: the episode here: BGM: @browngirlsmeditateFollow Me: @jehosheba54Follow Us: @betweenusgirlspodcastIntro Track: @ crownwavemusic See for privacy and opt-out information.