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Dream Chasers: Brown Girls Meditate with Kim Part 3



In the 3rd installment of Dream Chasers: Brown Girls Meditate Kim and I get into what meditation did for her, and we go off on a tangent to talk about my hypnotherapy once again and I share about my journey to learn astrology before we finish off with some deep talk about Toxic Positivity which is my favorite question to ask the ladies I interview. I love listening back to these episodes because they show so much growth, we sat down to have this talk in August of 2020 and so much has changed since then. It's such a blessing to be able to do this work. I'm so honored to live my life and to be here in this time. Don't miss this episode!! <3 I've just started using The Brown Girls Meditate 30 day guide which can be purchased here: The Episode: BGM: @browngirlsmeditateFollow Me: @jehosheba54Follow Us: @betweenusgirlspodcastIntro Track: @ crownwavemusic See for privacy and opt-out information.