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Dream Chasers: Brown Girls Meditate with Kim Part 4



We're at the final stretch of Brown Girls Meditate with Kim on Dream Chasers here on the BUG Pod feed, this was such an interesting month and I truly hope that some of you were able to get what you needed from this content. Meditation is extremely helpful to your well being, when we sat to record this episode I was meditating regularly but I would stop fairly quickly. Thanks to Kim and her journal I have been able to stretch my meditations to almost double the length. She's such an inspiration and I'm so grateful that she was able to give me some of her time. Look for her in 2021 on the feed again because we're going to the top with this collaboration thing! Don't miss the wrap up in this episode. I've just started using The Brown Girls Meditate 30 day guide which can be purchased here: The Episode: BGM: @browngirlsmeditateFollow Me: @jehosheba54Follow Us: @betweenusgirlspodcastIntro Track: @ crownwavemusic See for privacy and opt-out