Scapegoat Publishing

Hoof Prints – Podcast Episode 2 – Jim Goad



Kevin I. Slaughter of Scapegoat Publishing gabs with Jim Goad (ANSWER Me!: The First Three) in a casual conversation on the cusp of his tour with Hank III. Kevin doesn’t pretend to be a professional interviewer, and this proves it. What we wind up with is a discussion and not an interrogation, with Kevin providing his own views on subjects. He thinks he edited all the really offensive stuff out, but often realizes his perspective on what most folks find offensive is out of line with reality. Some of the highlights of the show are as follows: Atlanta’s Favorite White Person (for Blacks), Baltimore – City of Incidents, I’m a White Boy – Merle Haggard, Radio Voice, George Plimpton, Jim “The Nashville Cat” Goad, Boiled Peanutz – Interracial Hip Hop, ANSWER Me! – The Concordance, I Feel Your Pain Ike Turner, Felching, Imprisoned Mexican views on homosexuality, Males and Wimmels,,Dusting off the testicles of Red Sovine, Dante’s in Portland, Photo of Flappy Vag