Dharma Teachings By Lama Mark Webber

2019 Strong Foundation For Dharma Practice-Nanaimo-Nov 03-Vajrasattva Reading Transmission And Explanation



The Path of Purification: recorded Dharma teachings given at the Bethlehem Retreat Centre Nanaimo, BC, Canada on November 1-3, 2019: In these talks, Lama Mark covered most of the essentials components needed on the path of Purification and Liberation. He started with instructions on how to build a strong foundation for Dharma, especially strength and capacity-merit-for study, reflection and meditation. The Lama especially emphasized the need to unfold the profound wisdom of cause and effect. He gave straightforward instructions for it's understanding and meditation; especially highlighting complete mindfulness through recollection combined with attentiveness. Also included are instructions and explanations on the non-dual realization of the open, untainted, changeless, luminous nature of the mind. In these talks the Lama also emphasized the importance of unfolding: - A strong basis of ethics and virtue in order to support our meditations and ripening of compassion and wisdom for all beings. - Disc