Dharma Teachings By Lama Mark Webber




The Abhidhamma contains the essential teachings of the Buddha. It is a distillation–at times elaboration, and clarification of his core teachings from the perspective of what the ultimate entities worthy of contemplative Insight meditation are. Most of the Abhidhamma presents to us the topics of meditation that leads directly to liberation in order to profoundly understand our experience. The Lama explains that Abhidhamma is an amazing taxonomy of mind and matter, and the interconnections and interdependence of these two. In this way, we gradually understand the distinction between concepts born from our imagination and what are ultimate realities. The ultimate realities are our topics of meditation, not imagination. By contemplating this vast interdependence from the roots of causality, one is lead to discover Liberation (Nibbana or Nirvana), the total abandonment of greed, hatred and delusion–that which is unborn and unconditioned. The most precious gift we could offer to all sentient beings. The retreat