Dharma Teachings By Lama Mark Webber

2019 Tonglen-Galiano Island-July09-1-Practice



1) A complete Tonglen ("exchange on the breath, giving and taking on the breath") meditation session guided by Lama Mark Webber, and 2) Some explanations and clarifications on this practice. The classes were given during the 19th Crystal Mountain Society Annual Summer Retreat, Galiano Island, July 9, 2019. The meditation of "giving and taking on the breath" is part of the mind training (Lojong) transmitted by the 12th century Tibetan Lama Chekawa Yeshe Dorje. It is based on unbroken transmissions from the 10th century Indian saint Atisa Dipamkara and his Sumatran guru Dharmakirtisri (Tib. Serlingpa). This profound meditation is widely taught in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. It is a powerful way to reduce selfish attachment, reduce suffering, spread compassion and generate the wish that all beings attain the realization of primordial wakefulness (bodhicitta). The contemplations of Tonglen; relative and absolute bodhicitta, penetrative vipasyana—with and without support-guide us to recognize that before we