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Indy Mayhem Show 13: Zach Gowen



Indy Mayhem Show 13 Zach GowenFormer WWE superstar and current professional wrestler Zach Gowen joined us on the Wrestling Mayhem Show to share some of his amazing story! Gowen, who lost his leg at a young age from cancer, fought his way to become a major star in the WWE. During our conversation, Gowen discussed his life post WWE; how he lost his identity and went down a dark path and how he found his way back, got clean and found meaning in life. Gowen also talked about a possible new era for professional wrestlers; as some are now bucking the trend and beating some of the addictions that plagued and eventually killed many before them. Viewers of the show then asked Gowen questions like: what his favorite match was and who his favorite opponents were. These questions lead to Gowen discussing the viciousness of professional wrestling when he started, to what it is now. Gowen then talked about his interesting relationship with fellow professional wrestler Gregory Iron. Iron, a professional wrestler with cerebr