Roenick Life Podcast With Jr And Jaffe

The cheap shot on Ryan Smyth, the Ho-Sang spark and a boycott



JR and Jaffe are back for another episode of their weekly podcast. In this episode the guys discuss the dirty hit in a Senior League that saw Ryan Smyth end up with a concussion and it begs to question why some guys can't walk away from playing the game. Plus, Josh Ho-Sang has provided the Islanders with a much needed spark and has them fighting it out for the final wild card spot in the Eastern Conference and the guys are joined by NHWL All-Star Gigi Marvin of the Boston Pride and the USWNT to discuss growing up in Warroad Minnesota and the recent news that the US Women's team will be boycotting the World Championships this year in Plymouth Michigan. All that and more in this episode of the RoenickLife Podcast with JR and Jaffe.