Food For Thought: The Joys And Benefits Of Living Vegan

I Am Not Evil. I Just Disagree: Divisiveness, Tribalism, and a Call for Compassion



We are living in a time when group loyalty, ideology, and identity politics are valued more than kindness, reason, critical thinking, and tolerance for another point of view. And it scares the bejesus out of me.  Today's episode is (yet another) call for compassion.  —————— Join our awesome community and support this podcast through Patreon or as an Apple Subscriber for bonus material, early access to episodes, and other perks, depending on the option you choose.  Support this podcast today at Visit my website: Join me on an all-inclusive vegan trip: AFFILIATE PARTNERS: Nama Juicer — Use this link and coupon code COLLEEN10 and get 10% off my favorite juicer. Plaine Products — Use this link and coupon code "compassion" for 15% off my favorite zero waste bath and body products. Complement — Use this link and coupon code "joyfulvegan" and get 10% off my favorite supplements. Thank you for listening.