Food For Thought: The Joys And Benefits Of Living Vegan

Stop Bugging Me: Animal Words Buzzing Around



You pestered your friends and bugged your family until they finally listened to Food for Thought. You nagged your partner to join you on an all-inclusive vegan trip with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, badgering them to the point of harrassment. After incessant hounding didn't work, you lured them in with the ultimate bait: the best plant-based food on the planet!  In those few sentences, there are no less than EIGHT (8) animal-related words; i.e. animalogies. Can you spot them all? Listen to today's episode for a full account, and let us know your thoughts!  Today's episode is brought to you by listeners of this podcast, as well as Plaine Products, creator of vegan, cruelty-free, zero-waste personal care products. Use this link and coupon code "compassion" for 15% off my favorite zero waste bath and body products. —————— Join our awesome community and support this podcast through Patreon or as an Apple Subscriber for bonus material, early access to episodes, and other perks, depending on the option you choose.  Su