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Money Minutes for Doctors #63 ~ All things IRA



In this episode, host Kristina McAteer, MD, invites Dan Forbes, CEO of Forbes Financial, to explore the intricacies of retirement planning centered around the Roth IRA. They highlight its gold standard status due to the absence of minimum distribution requirements, making it a key consideration for tax planning. Listeners learn the flexibility of investing in both Roth and traditional IRAs simultaneously, enabling yearly review of tax liabilities and strategic investment decisions. The discussion delves into maximizing retirement contributions, including the option of a backdoor Roth for high-income earners and the benefits of gifting Roth IRAs to future generations. Furthermore, recent legislative changes regarding 529 Plans and Roth IRAs are discussed, providing valuable insights into evolving retirement savings strategies. Throughout, McAteer and Forbes emphasize the personalized nature of retirement planning, urging listeners to explore diverse options tailored to their individual financial goals.