S4 E9: A Song for Sunken Streets & When Two Swordsmen Meet



A Song for Sunken Streets by Evan Berkow, Read by Lanna Joffrey Nona is a loner living in a flooded Brooklyn. She's running away from her past and looking for hope. What she finds is a mermaid on a mission. The fate of New York City depends on their ability to see past their trauma. Evan Berkow is a writer of speculative fiction in the hours when he's not lawyering. His fiction has appeared in places such as Strange Horizons, Escape Pod, and Flash Fiction Online. You can find him on Twitter @Evan_Berkow. Lanna Joffrey is an award-winning Iranian performer and writer who has worked throughout the United States and United Kingdom in theatre, film, spoken word and audio work. Her verbatim play, "Valiant" has received critical acclaim having toured throughout the UK and US and was published last year. For more info on her work please visit www.lannajoffrey.com When Two Swordsmen Meet by Ellen Kushner, Read by Wilson Fowlie In a cold, cobblestone city, when two swordsman meet, you never know what might happ