S4E8: Work Life Balance & Your Future is Pending



Work Life Balance by Cara Mast, Read by Tonia Ransom Amerie receives an email at work that Return-to-Work is being mandated for her office. This is a problem, as she has been secretly living in her office for the last nine months because she can't afford both rent and her out of pocket payments for her curse-based illness. As a retired tall-ship sailor, a failed academic, and a reluctant finance professional, Cara Mast gets stopped constantly in New York City and asked for directions. Cara spends their free time drinking coffee, binging words, and yelling about the Philadelphia Eagles in bars they’ve thankfully not yet been kicked out of. Your Future Life is Pending by Matthew Kressel, read by Tonia Ransom Technician Martha feeds stray dogs in her back alley, tends her sick father, and revives the unconscious, rich users of hi-tech gaming "couches." The game is the reason humans never made it to Mars, so is she wrong to wreck a little havoc? Matthew Kressel is a three-time Nebula Award finalist, whose w