BIG Podcast

Defying the DeFi Headwinds



Glen speaks with Becky Reed about a proposed new Web3-focused credit union, and how it actually represents a return to the CU movement’s roots. Also- a Whole New Worldpay, and data on some unexpected consumer payment behavior.     Links related to this episode:   Defy, a proposed federal credit union:  BankSocial:  Becky Reed’s new book, “Credit Unions and DeFi: A Financial Renaissance”:    The Federal Reserve’s Diary of Consumer Payment Choice:   Join us for our next CU Town Hall on Wednesday February 14th at 3pm ET/Noon PT for a live and lively interactive discussion of the key issues facing credit unions. (Did we mention there’ll be a cool tech giveaway to one FI attendee?) It’s free to attend, but advance registration is required:       Follow the Best Innovation Group on LinkedIn: https://www